Feeling Like Death

31 January 2009

I woke up Thursday morning after sleeping 11 hours and felt so sick. My body was just sore and exhausted, my throat was sore, I was coughing, and I was full of snot. Despite being sick and feeling like death, I still went around on the tours and things because I didn’t want to miss out. But after I was out, I wish I would just stayed in.


The first place we went was the Karnak Temple complex, which is supposedly amazing. I couldn’t give you any details though, because I felt like crap and had no energy to walk around. We also went to the Luxor Temple. I took very few pictures that day and I don’t know which pictures are of which, because I had zero desire to be there. All of the temples and columns and statues and hieroglyphs became the same to me anyway after seeing so many. And all I wanted to do was sleep and lay down. 
This is a picture of a chair, one that I wanted to sit in and not move from for the rest of the day. But instead of doing that, I just sat on the ground in the dirt as our Habibi guide talked to us.

an obelisk at Karnak or Luxor

Here’s the great Ramses II, in charge of lots of building projects. I love that he’s smiling.

Don’t know where this is, Karnak or Luxor, since all the temples and all the hieroglyphs were the same after I’d seen so many and while I was feeling like death. I didn’t take hardly any pictures on this day. But hooray! Pharaoah and his wife are the same height. She’s not just a little afterthought that goes up to his knees.
After the exhausting visits to the Karnak and Luxor temples, we rode horsey carriages back to the hotel. Here’s my roomie Shamra and the driver of their carriage.
That night we rode some train back to Cairo. I wished we were riding on the Hogwarts Express, but instead it was just a regular, non-magical train. I pretty much just took some drugs for feeling like crap and then I slept the whole ride. From what I hear though, people didn’t have very good experiences on the train.
Back in Cairo we went to the Egyptian Museum, where I saw a lot a lot of oooooolllllllddddd mummies and a lot of other cool things. But we couldn’t take any pictures, not that I wanted to anyway. All I wanted to do was sleep.
Then we stopped at an Egyptian bazaar and shopping place in Cairo. I didn’t even get off the bus. I was so exhausted and not feeling well that I slept away my valuable Egyptian shopping time. So many pashminas to buy too…
After the museum and shopping, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch, where I didn’t want to be and where I wanted to be in bed instead. I didn’t want to eat, weird.

Unfortunately I had no appetite again. I did have some soup though. Mmmm… I love soup, especially Holly Girl’s yummy yumkins soups.

Saturday I woke up feeling much better! I was still totally sick, but just with a normal old cold. Yay. I no longer walked around and felt all dizzy. I just felt snotty and stuffy and was hacking up mucus quite often. But oh, I was feeling much much better. I wanted to take pictures that day even. I think I was maybe feeling less sick because it was my dear sister’s birthday.
31st of January, 1982 – Holly girl came into the world. Happy Birthday to my most amazing sister! She’s such an excellent sister to me and I love her so much. And I’m so excited to go home in three months to see her, and her little girlies, and to eat her vegetable chowder! Yay! Yummy yumkins. Happy Birthday, Sister!
We went to a mosque and some churches on this lovely January 31st. The mosque was pretty amazing. Here’s a few pictures of it.

We all had to take our shoes off inside since it’s such a holy place of worship to Muslims. 

Then we went to this Christian church. It was a church where there was a cave underneath where Mary and Joseph and Jesus sought refuge way back in the day, I think. I don’t really know. There’s so many things about all the places we went and all of these facts are just mumble jumbled together in my head.

The last few days in Egypt were jam packed of course, and I felt awful. But it was so amazing being there and seeing everything anyway. What a lucky ducky I am. Happy Birthday Holly girl!

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