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17 February 2009


Churches and Nuts

17 February 2009
After Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies this morning, and after writing a paper about camels, I went to some churches and sights in the Old City. There is so much to do here; it’s slightly overwhelming, but so good. I went to the Dormition Abbey, a lot of places related to King David, the Upper Room, and Christ Church. It was good getting some sightseeing done, as opposed to the usual shopping in the Old City, and I love seeing all these amazing things. 
A street we walked down on our way to the abbey. There’s a lot of Mercedes around here, a lot. Even the big buses we cruise around in are Mercedes, and the fire trucks on the corner, and the giant taxi vans. It’s pretty coo coo ca choo.

In front of the Dormition Abbey: “May Peace Prevail On Earth.” Amen.
The Dormition Abbey is the place where they think Mary was buried, or died. I’m not sure. But I think there quite a few different churches that think that is where she died. 
The artwork inside was completely amazing. I loved looking at it. There were so many incredible, intricate mosaics.
This is in the crypt of the Abbey, where they have a sculpture of Mary.
Pray for peace for Palestine and Israel. These were the main prayer requests in the church.
outside with some cool JCites
Next we went to this area that was all about King David. There was a little sign that said “the World Peace Center” too, and it wish it was true.
Jerusalem is the coolest city. Check out this sweet door.
A very very pretty sign outside of Christ Church.
more peace plaques. need more peace.
Inside Christ Church, which was the first Protestant church here in Israel. It is used to share the Gospel with Jews. There are many Jewish symbols inside and a lot of the stuff is in Hebrew, so Jews can understand.
Beautiful stained glass window of tree with father, son, and Holy Ghost
Beautiful table outside with this fabulous painting on it. Love it.

After this lovely venture to the city, I stopped at a little spice and nut shop and bought some sweet nuts. They are soooooo delish too! I ate about 500,000 of these nuts today too. They’re hyst so goood. I love being here so so much.