16 February 2009
A night full of excessive laughter, dancing on chairs, doing cartwheels through the halls, drawing camels, leg wrestling, doing animal impressions, and doing very very little studying for this Ophir’s midterm is not a proper way to prepare for an exam. Needless to say, I bombed my Judaism midterm today, big time.
I thought since I was one of the ones that didn’t do any studying last night and all I did partied up a storm, I could use a little something extra with my test. So I drew a lucky camel on top of it. And even though I studied this morning for a little while, the lucky camel didn’t work too well for me. Maybe I need to perfect my drawing. I’m not that good with camels yet.

I passed though! Yay! Maybe the lucky camel did do a little something, but a 13 out of 24 is a 54% and that’s not quite what I was hoping for, but it’s pretty hilarious anyway. I’ve really been cracking up about it all day. Not very many people did very good on this test and we only the study guide yesterday evening, so I wasn’t expecting to do that great, although I was expecting to get a little more than a 54%. Oh well, I suppose you have to bomb your first test sometime. Today was my day of bombing it up and it was a special day indeed. 

This is the picture I drew in class instead of taking notes. None of us did so good, but my score I’m pretty sure is the worst out of everyone. Funny funny. hehehe It really is funny bunny. There are a few people that got 14s though, so that’s cool. But yes, today was a day of complete bombing for me. But last night was so fun and so worth it. It was the best. I love this place.

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  • Reply smehts05 20 February 2009 at 17:50

    Sista Friend draw a camel with two humps next time…it might bring more luck!

    Loves Leana

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