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2 March 2009


Mustaches in Jordan

2 March 2009
One thing I learned in going to Jordan, was that mustaches are extreme. You’ll know what I’m talking about by the end of this post. So we are lucky duckies and had another wicked awesome field trip to another middle eastern country. We bussed it up of course, but the drive wasn’t that long, especially compared to Alaska, where you have to drive four hours to get to the nearest mall or to the airport. A four hour drive to a completely other country is just awesome possum.
Our first stop was Mount Nebo, which is where Moses was given a view of the Promised Land. There was this big cool round stone there, that Kara Kara and I took a picture in front of.

There was this wicked old and wicked awesome mosaic inside this smelly tent that smelled like a big, animal poo smelling, burlap sack. But the mosaic was pretty sweet. 
Just standing on the hilltop looking out at Jordan. I love being here so so much. It is amazing.
Moon is one of the coolest girls in the world. She took “I was here” pictures all over Jordan. She is seriously so wonderful.
Next stop was Madada, where the oldest map of the Holy Land is. It’s a huge, detailed, incredible mosaic on a church floor. It dates to 6th century AD. Whoa dude.

Cate, Chelsea, and Rachel inside the church, sitting on fabulous chairs. There is so much hard work and detail put into this church, and to all the churches I’ve seen around here. It’s amazing. 
The church at Madaba was full of mosaics. It was like they were paintings all over the wall, but they were actually mosaics. There were so many. Could you imagine making these. Look at all those little pieces you have to put together. Wow.

This is an ambulance I saw parked when we first go to Jordan.

And to end this post, here’s the MUSTACHE MAN. Look at that beastly mustache. Who does that? It is out of control. By the way, I had to very stealthily take this picture on the bus. People were kinda trying to take pictures and he wasn’t a huge fan, but I got a good one. 

Being in Jordan is the coolest.