A Mosque, More Ruins, and the Jordan River

4 March 2009
Day 4 of Jordan. Our first stop was this mosque. 

Since we don’t cover all of our skin, the women had to put on these black robes and had to have our hair covered. Pretty much the only skin you could see was face and hands. As you can see in this picture, Lisa and I our using our lovely revealed hands to hold fake wands and pretend like we were students and Hogwarts and casting spells. Cool huh? I love magic, and Harry Potter.

Look at all those pretty ladies!

Everything inside the mosque was so beautiful and so detailed. It’s incredible how much work they put into it. Here’s a picture of the carpet. It was cool You have to take your shoes off to go in too. And these mosques are probably full of devout Muslims during the many many many times they pray to Allah. So many Muslims are so dedicated and do so much for their religion.

coolest ceiling I’ve ever seen

These pictures do it no justice whatsoever. It was beautiful in there.

We were sitting in there in our little black Harry Potter robes listening to our guide, Iyad, tell us all about Islam and the mosque.

This is Stephanie, my roomie in Egypt and Jordan.

Our Jordan guide’s name was IYAD. Check out the sweet name tag.

We hit up more sweet ruins in Jordan and lucky Moon discovered a fuzzy little Jordanian caterpillar! Yay for bug pictures! 

This is for sure the coolest of cool. 


On our way back from Jordan to Israel, we had a little stop here, at the Jordan River.

Jesus Christ was baptized in this area. What a lucky ducky I am to see all of this! I am so happy to be here.

I love trails.

Chelsea and Heidi on the River Jordan. 

I couldn’t do this post without the picture of this fly. Gotta love those bug pictures you know!

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