Jewish Mardi Gras = Purim

10 March 2009

Today we celebrated Purim, which is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the deliverance of Jews from Persia about 2500 years ago. In the synagogues they read the Scroll of Esther, they give gifts to each other, they drink a lot a lot a lot of alcohol (not us though), and my favorite part is that they dress up and stuff. Yay! I love dress up!

I didn’t have a specific costume, but I Moon did hook me up with this sweet make up. And I put this cool scarf on my head and I was wearing a jingle jangle belly dancer skirt over my genie pants and I had on elf shoes. I must say I looked pretty good.

A big group of us went to Ben Yehuda Street in West Jerusalem. It was supposed to be the happening place. It wasn’t.

Marianne, Kara, and I got matching little belly dancing skirts.

Moon is so fabulous. Room 410 was full of pretty girls in need of costume type things and Moon was putting sweet make up on all of us. Moon, Richelle, and Miriam are such a wonderful room. I love those girlies.

While we were on Ben Yehuda, we wandered around, looking for some sort of party or something fun to do. I went into a little market and found some chunky peanut butter, which was a party for me! Skippy Natural super chunk is my favorite, but regular chunky skippy peanut butter works too.  

Everyone was in the synagogues, so Ben Yehuda was not that exciting at all. So we left and went back to the JC. We waiting for our taxi near McDonald’s. Yes, there is McDonald’s in Jerusalem too, unfortunately. This picture is for you my favorite twins.

Don’t we look lovely?

I need to incorporate all of these extra holidays in my life. It’s the coolest of cool. 

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    I really enjoyed browsing through your archives. Please don’t forget to bring me back here on your next update? Also I would like to follow your blog.

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