the day Hayley was the lost and the found

31 March 2009

Another field trip. Our first stop was a tel with some recent excavations and ruins of some old place. I didn’t much care for this tel. We just saw more old rocks and another CISTERN. I just wasn’t feeling more of the same thing. I was feeling a little burnt out with tels and rocks and ruins and especially cisterns. It’s still completely awesome though. And Kara, Marianne, Hayley, and I just take pictures in the flowers instead of going into more cisterns, so it works out.
Kara Schumacher… funny girl.
Then we went to Tel Dan, which was so fabulously nature. Except since it was a nature reserve, you weren’t supposed to pick the wild flowers. I did anyway, because they look so good behind my ear. :)
one of the four main sources for the Jordan River I think
I was taking some notes about good ol’ Tel Dan and this cutesy furry caterpillar just came right up to me. I think the bugs can feel how much I like them.
I don’t really remember what these things were used for, but here’s a picture of me in it.
At Tel Dan. Nature reserves are pretty excellent.
huge pistachio tree and some JCites
We went to get back on the bus and as we were making sure everyone was there, we realized Hayle wasn’t there. Uh oh. She got lost somewhere in the Tel Dan nature reserve all by her self. She ended up taking a wrong path somewhere between the pistachio tree, Paradise, and the Winnie the Pooh tree. Luckily some of the boys went and found her, because this whole experience would not be the same without that girl. I just love Hayley. I really really do.
Then we went to Caesarea Philippi/Banias. People were tired.
I made shadow puppets with Priscilla.
there were pretty waterfalls here, which are not in the picture
Matt Huff and Ryan Rampton scaled the cliff wall.
JJ and I stood in the lovely water.
Then we went to Nimrod’s Fortress. Awesome… totally gnarly.
I tried to escape out of one of the places where weapons used to stick out of.
Old fortresses are the coolest. They are way better than cisterns, although there was a cistern there, but there was a lot more than that.
The Galilee area is so beautiful. Too bad there isn’t a BYU Galilee. :)
“Danger! Abyss!” Just trying saving JJ’s life.
Unfortunately, no one was there to grab Brother Huff. Too bad… he’s a pretty cool dude. That night we had a bonfire on the beach with our classes on the beach. It was so awesome. People did skits and fun things. But the highlight of the program was probably Wilkinson’s African tribal dance. Sooooo funny. Man, Galilee is the best. I love it.

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