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25 April 2009

Jerusalem, Lower 48

Jerusalem Party in Utah

25 April 2009
I’m back in America, and not just any part of America, but Utah…
Traveling was loooong. It was the saddest ever leaving the JC, and soooo sad leaving the peeps. How am I supposed to survive without my Jerusalem life? These past four months were the best of my life, thus far.
But at least we had Stephen Wilkinson’s graduation party for a little reunion.

It was sooooo good to see everyone again! It had been about 24 hours and I was so sad without all my fellow JC ites, so sad.

But this party at Silky Wilky’s house was the best, and we had to get in one last GQ picture until the next reunion.
It’s hard being gone. I miss it alllllll.