Shine, Jesus, shine!

13 April 2009

What does one do when they return from floating in the Dead Sea? A talent show of course! 

There were so many good acts and funny people and talented things. It was the greatest. Although I would definitely have to say that the highlight for me was performing my favorite song with my favorite girls.
Kara, Marianne, and I sang “Shine, Jesus, Shine!” and came up with some sweet dance moves for it. We also dressed up in sweet outfits with sweet makeup and put baby genie pants on our heads.

After our outstanding performance, we took a series of unsuccessful jumping pictures using the self timer. What fun we have.
Don’t you love our outfits? :) The song and dance was even better. 
Okay, hopefully you can’t completely zoom in on our faces, because if you can, you will find the most horrible picture of us three ever taken. Love it.

My new favorite song, as learned from the Lutheran hymn book when we went to a service there. I fell in love as soon as we started singing. And I never stopped singing it, shouting it out as I walked through the halls at the JC, or up the many stairs, or sitting in my room, or in the computer lab. I’m still singing it now.
Shine, Jesus, shine. Fill this land with the Father’s glory.
Blaze, Spirit, blaze. Set our hearts on fire.
Flow, river, flow. Flood the nations with grace and mercy.
Send forth your word, Lord, and let there be light.

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  • Reply Marianne 15 July 2009 at 16:22

    Chels!! This post is so incredible I don’t know how it took me so long to find it~ We are some talented girlies!!! Lets you, me and Kara have a reunion in the next little bit!! Where will you be in Sept? Love you, love your new blog background, love our experiences in Jerus~

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