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September 2009

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Girls Night In

30 September 2009

Tonight I had these four lovely ladies over for a little dinner party.

I wish our other two favorite girlies could’ve come,
but Sasha’s in New Zealand and Leana’s on a mission.
It was still most delightful though,

especially since we ate yummy yummy
black bean and tomato quinoa salad.
I like that stuff you know.
And my oh my how I’ve missed these girls.
It was so wonderful being back together.
We all started school here the same semester two years ago.
It’s been nothing but love and joyfuls since then.
And because Sasha and Leana aren’t here,
we decided we needed to write them letters.
Mail is so good.
Twas such a goooood reunion we had.
I’m so happy about this love.
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I am an almond butter addict.

29 September 2009

I discovered almond butter this summer, and fell in love. Then I came to Hawaii, and couldn’t find any. I was sad. Then I found some for $37 and $23 at a health food store. I’m not paying that much. So my absoultely wonderful mother sent me some in the mail. This big ol’ jar is $8 at home. Now I get to have almond butter and jam toast and apples and almond butter. I am so happy about that. Happiest girl in the world. Thank you, Mumsy.

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Yom Kippur

28 September 2009
I watched Fiddler on the Roof today in my intercultural communications class. It took me back to my days in Jewish land.
This is the holiest day of the year for Jews.
Since I only realized this fact about an hour ago, I unfortunately didn’t do much to observe this sacred day, except watch Fiddler on the Roof.
Despite my lack of observance, on this day, Yom Kippur, Jews all around the world have been fasting, praying, and going to synagogues, seeking forgiveness from God.
I wish I was in Jerusalem now, so that I could be experiencing the streets empty of cars, the tvs and radios without broadcasts, and the shops and businesses all closed.
But I was lucky enough to be there for Passover, and for many a Shabbat, and especially lucky to be there for Holy Week, with Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter.
Actually, I was lucky enough I got to be there at all! What a incredible blessing that experience was. Life changing.
I still miss it, almost more than I can bear.
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current desktop background

27 September 2009

I just changed my background to this beautiful picture, since me and this crazy girl will be reunited in two months. Carla girl bought her ticket this morning to come to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. I cannot wait! More happy happy pictures like this to come soooon!
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Roomies + Hukilau = Yay!

26 September 2009

Us four girlies in this picture, Hayley, Ally, Stacy, and Chelsea, live right on Bikini Beach. Seriously, we are right on the beach. Like I walk across the lawn and bam! There’s the beach.

So I always just go to our beach, and never to Hukilau, even though Hukilau is better. And I’d been back two weeks and hadn’t even gone to Hukilau yet! Crazy, I know.
But today… I finally went, and with all my roomies! Twas most delightful. I missed it.
Oh how I love the Huki Huki Hukilau. And the roomies. Especially that one, you know, that sister one. Yes. I love that girl.
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Four Steps to My Happy Evening

24 September 2009

Step 1: Get roomies and cruise in sweet new ride.

Step 2: Go to Kava Roots and get acai bowls.
Step 3: Take pictures with sunset at Sunset Beach.
Step 4: And then… don’t stop laughing, or believing. Don’t stop believin’. [I love that song.]

It’s hot.

23 September 2009

I can’t handle this heat and humidity these days. Neither could my roomie Hayley. So we put on our suits, walked across the yard, and jumped in the ocean. Night swims are the best. I love this life.



17 September 2009

I’m finally back in school. Yay! I love school, especially here at BYU Hawaii. Does it get any better? I’m excited for my classes too, and learning all sorts of good good things.

My lovely classes:
~early church history
~self defense
~intercultural peacebuilding
16 credits of jolly goodness.

Goood Morning

16 September 2009

I woke up at 6:30 am to the beautiful crow of a rooster.

I think it’s going to be a good day.
I love Hawaii.