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Roomies + Hukilau = Yay!

26 September 2009

Us four girlies in this picture, Hayley, Ally, Stacy, and Chelsea, live right on Bikini Beach. Seriously, we are right on the beach. Like I walk across the lawn and bam! There’s the beach.

So I always just go to our beach, and never to Hukilau, even though Hukilau is better. And I’d been back two weeks and hadn’t even gone to Hukilau yet! Crazy, I know.
But today… I finally went, and with all my roomies! Twas most delightful. I missed it.
Oh how I love the Huki Huki Hukilau. And the roomies. Especially that one, you know, that sister one. Yes. I love that girl.

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