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4 October 2009

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Eight Hours

4 October 2009

This weekend has been delightful, because for eight hours I got to hear divine instruction from prophets and apostles. What a blessing General Conference is. I love it.

I learned/relearned so so much. Now I just better get on top of applying all of that guidance.
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Halloween Preparations

4 October 2009
1. Take creepy pictures with roomies, so as to create some sort of costume with your face.
2. Paint nails highlighter orange, because who doesn’t love having yittle/little pumpkins on your phalanges.

3. Dye hair dark dark brown, so it could maybe look a little black.
4. Hang out at graveyards, or on the beach where you can at least find dead fish.

I must say, though these events may seem like preparations for
All Hallow’s Eve, they are actually just regular ol’ everyday occurrences in my good life. Meaning that I frequently take crazy pictures with crazy people, and that I like to dye my hair dark, and who doesn’t love a little neon orange, especially on your toes? And since I practically live on the beach, it so happens that I’ll see a remnant of some sea creature on occasion.

I’m excited for Halloween. I love holidays and celebrations and such.
P.S. Columbus Day is coming up soon! :)