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11 October 2009

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11 October 2009
This is my roommate Hayley and I. We decided to become skydiving buddies, and we like to wear skydiving harnesses, just for fun.

This is my instructor Joey. He’s teaching me how to jump out of an airplane, because jumping out of airplanes is totally the thing to do.

This is Joey and I in our parachute, coming back down to the ground after a 12,000 foot descent, after a 45 second free fall at 120 mph, after 5 minutes of chillin’ in a parachute over the west coast of Oahu, and after the one of the best 5 minutes and 45 seconds of my life.
This is me, a lover of skydiving! It was the best ever! I highly highly recommend that you do it, now. I want to do it right now, again, and again, and again. I have fallen in love with jumping from airplanes (only with a certified, all knowing instructor of course).

Hawai'i, Uncategorized

Follow Me Little Friends

11 October 2009
Meet two of my five new friends! They are cute little fishies.
I was out frolicking in the ocean and guess who came along…
Yep! It was these little beautiful creatures (that I tried getting a picture of).

First they followed Sister around and we she got out of the water, they flocked over to me. That’s a happy thing on a Happy Friday.
And they just stayed right next to my black suit and if I’d swim away, even if I was swimming like a majestic dolphin, they’d swim with me.
Such little cuties they were. I’m glad we met.