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22 October 2009

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Intruder Alert

22 October 2009
     The other morning I walked downstairs to this big boy laying on his back by the front door.  The next morning, it happened again. Ahhh! Where do the big cockroach nasties come from and why are they on their backs in front of my door?!
Me no likey.
     And now for more bad news… last night there was another roachie in our humble abode, but he was not dead on his back like the other two. He was scurrying around our kitchen floor. I screamed and panicked as I stood on the coffee table and told my roommate to get it. But alas, she is similarly scared of the roachies. Before we took any sort of action, he ran away seeking refuge in this weird creepy cupboard. So for the worst news yet in this story…  Mr. (or Mrs.) Cockroach is still in this house somewhere, probably waiting to attack me at any moment…