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26 November 2009

IS HERE! Stacy and I went and picked her up from the airport this afternoon. Do you like the pretty sign I held up for her so she knew who to come to? And do you like the beautiful leis around her neck, one of which I found in a garbage can at the airport?

Then we went and played at the mall for awhile, preparing for winter in Hawaii with these hats and scarves.

We went to Sephora in the mall too, and Carla and I put make up all over a faces. I made some nice eyeliner rainbows on my eyelids and put on red lipstick. Then when we went into Nordstrom, a lady asked me if I did my own make up. Hmmm….

Oh I am just having so much fun with my bestie friend! I’m sooooo grateful for Carla girl, besties since third grade, I just love her! And I can’t wait for Three Musketeers adventures this week! I just can’t tell you how thankful I am for her and how thankful I am she’s here.

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