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genie pants and giraffe shoes

3 November 2009
Today I am grateful for this.
My genie pants and giraffe shoes.
This is what my legs and feet wore today. Isn’t it happy?
     Normally I don’t wear my genie pants in public in America, mostly just in Jerusalem, but a couple weeks ago I saw a girl wearing genie pants quite similar to mine, and realized that I should wear mine too! So I am grateful for that girl, because she reminded me how cool my genie pants really are.
     And I’m grateful for my beautiful green genie pants because they make want to frolic more than any other item of clothing I have. They are excellent frolic pants. And I am most grateful for frolicking, because it is happy.
     I am grateful for my little giraffe print shoes too, because they are darling and make me want to jump into the air and click my heels. And that is just what I do! And I am grateful for my legs and feet so I can do just that in these little giraffes.
     I am grateful for my genie pants and giraffe shoes for a plethora of reasons, and I am also very grateful for the word “plethora.” It’s one of my favorites. But I am so grateful for my little genie pants and giraffe shoes because of the smiles they put on my face and the frolicking they put in my path. Mahalo mahalo.

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