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22 November 2009

is the name this car that I am sitting in with Katy.

To resume my daily November posts of gratitude, let me tell you why I am thankful for Wilma.

First of all, Wilma is a white, 98 dodge neon with 74 K miles. Stacy and I have $1300 into the old girl, which is pretty grand, especially since we should get that back when we sell it in June.

Though she might not be the prettiest car on the island, she does just what we need her to. She takes us to all sorts of good places where we have all sorts of good fun.

I am so grateful for grandiose adventures with Wilma.

Today Wilma took my sisters, my niece, and I:
 -to get yummmmmy yummy acai bowls
 -to see the sea turtles on the beach in Haleiwa
 -to Goodwill, which I love so much
 -to Target, to buy a few more random things
 -annnnnd to fabulous Laie, home for now.

Thank you, Wilma, for increasing my quality of life tenfold.

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