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15 December 2009

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Sunny Days

15 December 2009
ON THIS SUNNY DAY I got this most wonderful poster in the mail from this most beautiful friend.
ON THIS SUNNY DAY I spotted this girl on the beach, wearing a nice, big, funny hat. She is one of the girls that I often like to refer to simply as “Sister”.
ON THIS SUNNY DAY I went to the Swap Meet and got these sweet new sunglasses, among many other lovely items.
ON THIS SUNNY DAY, today, I saw very little sunshine. I was in class, taking tests, and studying all day long, with much more studying to do, as well as working on my group presentation. Unfortunately my sunshine exposure today was quite meager. And…
I am overwhelmed with studying.
On Friday I finished a group presentation.
I have another one tomorrow.
Today I took religion and self defense finals.
Tomorrow I will take my intercultural communication final, my anatomy final, and a retake test for physiology.
Wednesday I will take my last physiology test.
I have four physiology articles to read and three lab reports.
And Thursday, I have a ten page paper due for peacebuilding.
And of course I have Christmas presents to prepare.
I am overwhelmed. That doesn’t happen very often.
I can’t wait for Thursday, to be done with this stuff.
And more importantly, I can’t wait for 7 am on Saturday morning, when I’ll fly into Homer, AK!
P.S. I hope these days of Hanukkah are going well for you!