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25 December 2009

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25 December 2009

     Mumsy and I went to the phone place today so I could add texting to my phone plan, only $6 a month for unlimited global texts. I never ever text, but I figured it was time. I’ve been semi-against texting for forever, but I’ve finally caved to the pressures of society and I’m going to use this new method of communicating. Hmm… I have mixed feelings on the issue.
     Texting is pretty excellent and so convenient and easy, but it really depersonalizes communication. But it also helps to keep in touch with people you wouldn’t normally really keep in touch with. It’s good, I just hate when people are obnoxious with texting and don’t pay attention to the real things around them and are just stuck on their phone, ignoring people.
     So as long as I don’t get like that, I think I’ll be okay. And as long as I don’t let texting replace personal communication or talking on the phone, I’ll be golden. And I think I’ll really like this new texting stuff. This is a big move for me, but a good one.
     I suppose it was quite irrational for me to be anti texting, so I am no longer anti.

And P.S. I got a free new phone too since they were having some holiday special and I renewed my contract. Yay! I was so in need of a new tellie, especially for this next semester… oui oui.
It’s an LG Script, lime green and beautiful, with a full keyboard too, for my new texting-ness.
Now I can text Merry Christmas to people! :)