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29 December 2009

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The Fourth Day of Christmas

29 December 2009

four calling birds
[the four gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John]

This day was extra fabulous.
-This morning Holly dyed my hair dark, dark brown  again. I love it.
-Then I saw the neighbor boy slip on the ice with his bike down his driveway. Hilarious. And he was fine, so it’s okay to laugh. I’m still laughing actually.

-My dear siblings and I drove up to our Dad’s house, rockin’ out in the truck on the way.
-We hung out at Dad’s for the day, talking with our grandparents a lot. They are wonderful.
I was wicked allergic up there, so Grandad made me a nice concoction to help me.
-Holly, Stacy, Jake, and I fought over which carvings of Dad’s we should get. I love those carvings.
-Another funny… I was bouncing on a big ball and Jake kicked it out from underneath me at the perfect time and plop! I fell on the ground. Very very hilarious.
-Me and my dearest siblings left, and I had to say goodbye to my favorite ol’ Pops for five months. Sad. I’ll miss that wonderful father of mine.

-Then us aunties and uncle watched our two nieces while Holly and Jordin went and saw the Blind Side. I love that movie.
-I sat on the floor and turned my old xtratufs into cut offs. Yay!
-Had another little classic party at HoJo’s when they got home. Mumsy came over too.
-I became the Michelin Man and Stacy had bed sores.
-We played a serious game of charades. It was nothing but incredible.
-Stacy gets pretty excited with those guessing games. It’s kind of overwhelming.
-Jakey Bob and I had a fabulous drive home, singing out Billy Joel’s Piano Man, and revving the engine to the beat.

My family is the best. They’re the only people I’ve played with all Christmas break. Classic. My social life outside the fam bam is rather nonexistent, but I kind of like it that way. :)