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31 December 2009

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The Sixth Day of Christmas

31 December 2009

six geese a-laying
[six days of Creation]

Since today symbolizes the gift of the Creation, I made a marvelous little creation myself.

     What you see here used to be regular ol’ xtratufs, and now… they are Homer’s grandest fashion statement! And please notice how I beautifully sewed on the old border around the top of these with marvelous colorful thread. It took me the entire Harry Potter 6 movie, 2.5 hours. My fingies are sore.

     P.S. I went sledding at Ohlson Mountain today with Holly. It was icy, steep, speedy, awesome. We crashed gooood. I liked it. But since Sister is an old woman now, she didn’t really like that. How booooring.
     However on a less boring note, we did get this exciting picture today. I especially like Holly’s face.

P.P.S. We watched Food Inc today. Watch it. Makes me even more glad I don’t eat meat, or animal products, with the exception of these cookies I’ve been eating with butter and eggs. :) But Food Inc… good film it is.
P.P.P.S. There’s only one day left to complete my resolutions for 2009. Looks like I will be failing some of them. And I need to decide on some 2010 resolutions for a better world and a better Chelsea.