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January 2010

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31 January 2010

Service projects are beautiful.
We had one at PCC this morning for a couple hours, unfortunately there were only five faithful people from our ward that showed up.

It was so good though. Tis always nice to play with leaves, rocks, sticks, garbage bags, buckets, and little bugs.
I haven’t had so much dirt in my nails for quite a while. I liked it. And I liked it even more when I was able to clean them out in the sand and the sea.

And I made some new yummy soup tonight! It was similar to this spring minestrone, but with no asparagus, since it’s $7 a pound here, and with some extra added green veggies. I love soup. And green.

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HAPPY Friday!

30 January 2010
Would you like to know why I am so happy today?
Because this is what my dear brother said about me.

He must really like me a lot. That makes me so happy! And I like him too. Yes I do.
I can’t wait for summer so we can hit each other and fish in the sea and scrub boats and trade music and eat yummy food and watch good movies and laugh and play.
I’m so happy I have such a good brother.
And I’m so happy he thinks I’m amazingly fabulous.

Now would you like to know why else I am happy today?

-I killed a big cockroach on the wall this morning, and didn’t even hyperventilate or sweat profusely.
-I went on a beautiful run on my favorite beach in Laie.
-I only had one class today and all we did was shoot 100 free throws. I only made 25. Oops. I’ve never really cared for basketball, clearly.
Anita came over and she, Stacy, and I watched Anne of Green Gables: the Continuing Story. I’ve been wanting to watch that one since watching the first two in Jerusalem, and now I finally have. This one was definitely not as good as the first two, but you still gotta love it. I need to read the books.
-I slightly resembled Richard Simmons.
-I heard screams and stumbles upstairs, to discover that Stacy had also defeated a cockroach. He was chasing her in our room, but she smashed him. Unfortunately is was with my favorite shoe.

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Practice Meditating.

27 January 2010

That’s my homework.
It’s the best ever.

I love my peacebuilding/conflict mediation class.
And I love the intercultural peacebuilding certificate I will soon have when I graduate from the blessed school.
And I love meditating too, and hopefully I will soon love mediating.

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I painted this girl

25 January 2010
for TEN hours…
And look at her now!
Have you ever seen such a beautiful bike?
Oh my goodness I love her so much!
(Unfortunately she still has a flat.)
I spent my whole weekend sitting on my living room floor, watching movies, and painting Lola a beautiful rainbow of yellow, pink, blue, orange, purple, and green.
I can’t wait to ride her again, to ring my little bell, to fill my basket full of goodies, to hear the beads hit the spokes. Oh Lola, I love you.
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set apart

25 January 2010

Sister and I decided to go for a Sunday evening stroll on the beach.
And of course we came back with lots of pictures!

P.S. My presidency and I finally got set apart today.
Makes me so grateful for the priesthood
and so grateful for my wonderful bishopric.

I love church.
Had hours and hours of meetings today.
But I like it.
They come with the new calling,
Relief Society president.
Which I also really really love a lot.
A lot.

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29 years ago

22 January 2010
my wonderful parents got married.
What a joyous day that was!
And what a joyous day it is today!

It’s Thankful Thursday.
I’m thankful my parents were married in the temple.
And I’m thankful how good things are now,
even though they’re divorced. :)
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Miss Lola

21 January 2010

I miss my bike.
She has a flat tire.
I am devastated.
I miss her so much.
But it’s been nice walking on my wonderful feet.

I like feet, especially when they’re bare.
And I love my bike. I miss her.
I miss my nieces too.
And I really miss peace and quiet.

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Shabbat Shalom!

18 January 2010

“May your day of no work be peaceful.”

My day was definitely peaceful, though not very restful. It was quite a busy busy day, filled with almost six hours of church meetings. But that’s how it goes these days, and I like it. And I really love love Relief Society.

Anita dear came over tonight too. We had a little art night creating birthday cards for our favorite missionary, Leana.

Holly and Jordin emailed me this darling picture of my darling nieces. I miss them so much.

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an evening with Lola

16 January 2010
What does one do when one doesn’t know what to do?
One get’s on one’s beautiful bike and just rides, for hours, while listening to Harry Potter audiobooks.
That’s what I did this evening, and it was absolutely beautiful in every single way. I had such a marvelous time. I love my bike so so much.

I watched Invictus tonight too. Twas quite good. Where would the world be without people like Nelson Mandela?

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Curse you, dairy.

15 January 2010
I feel sick.
My stomach hurts.
I ate popcorn with butter on it and do not feel good.
I would like to throw up.
I stopped eating dairy in July, and now whenever I eat it I feel sick. Dairy is why I kept getting stomach aches over Christmas break, because I ate so many yummy cookies full of milk and butter. But I’m glad my stomach can’t handle dairy anymore, because I don’t like it at all. Not at all.
With the exception of the dairy stomach ache, I had a delightful day, and an even more delightful night! I had a fun little party with these lovely ladies this evening and it was marvelous.

We drank yummy yummy delectable tea.
We ate quinoa.
We painted our nails.
We watched 500 Days of Summer.
We ate homemade popcorn.
And we talked, a lot.
I love these girlies.

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I love Avatar!

14 January 2010

Especially in 3D!

But seriously, it is such a good movie. I loved it. I wish I was as connected to nature and trees and energy as the indigenous people in the movie. So good. And the 3D was pretty much awesome. Stacy, Erin, Aryana, Anita, and I all looked great in the sweet glasses too.

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Coming soon to an airport near me.

13 January 2010

    Sister is flying over the Pacific Ocean!
    I’m excited for her to come back, but I will really miss having the room to myself. 
    I have so much to do. Lots of homework already. Feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the school and church things.
    By the way, I hate the word “overdraft.” Oh bugger. Where’d all my money go?
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background change

9 January 2010

It’s time for a background change. No more festive Christmas background for 11 months or so.

But which one to choose? There’s so many good backgrounds on the world wide web! I like to get them from here and here and here.

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9 January 2010

Tonight I spent a few hours deep cleaning our nasty dirty kitchen and living room. It is oh so wonderful now!
I love it clean. Love it love it.

And I made beautifully crafted chore chart for our house and us four girls, so hopefully this house will be clean all semester long.
I do love a clean environment. It just makes everything better.

I love it here.
And I love it in Jerusalem.
And I love it in Alaska too.


Happy Epiphany!

6 January 2010

Today celebrates the Wise Men coming from afar and giving gifts to Baby Jesus. I wanted to give gifts today too, but I didn’t really. My excuse is that I flew 2500 miles over the Pacific Ocean. But I know, I should’ve planned ahead.

Classes started today. I missed them. Oops.
I got back a day late, but I saved $150 on airfare! :)
Not a bad choice I think.
Dear Stacy, I squished a dumb, creepy bug on your pillow. Sorry. And yes, it is good to be back here. I am really enjoying my alone time for the week, but I still kind of miss you Sister, especially that hat you wear in my race car bed.
P.S. I actually squished the bug on the ceiling, not on your pillow, unfortunately. 
P.P.S. ONE YEAR AGO today, I was on my way to Jerusalem, beginning the greatest journey of my life. I miss it so much, and nope, I will never stop missing it. You can’t. 

 Moi exactly one year ago in the airport with my new pink pillow, headed to the Holy Land.
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The Twelfth Day of Christmas

5 January 2010

twelve drummers drumming
[the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostles’ Creed]

The twelve days of Christmas are over.
Which means tomorrow is… EPIPHANY!
Or Three Kings Day, celebrating the Wise Men coming and giving gifts to baby Jesus.

To honor that celebration, I’m giving gifts to my family. Basically I’m just giving them love letters, telling everyone how cool they are. I’ll be writing those today… hopefully.

And I’ll be packing today as well.
Because I leave tomorrow.
And sad too.

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The Eleventh Day of Christmas

5 January 2010

eleven pipers piping
[the eleven faithful apostles: Simon Peter. Andrew. James. John. Philip. Bartholomew. Matthew. Thomas. James bar Alpheus. Simon the Zealot. Judas bar James.]

I am sick.
Oh bugger.

I took a bath to help me feel better.
I haven’t taken one in years.
But it was nice and hot and full of bubbles. I liked it.
And it was especially good because I was listening to sweet jams and reading Archie comics.
I did have to shower after though, since I’d been stewing in my own filth for an hour.

I don’t want to be sick.
Hopefully the healing powers of Hawaii will make me better.

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The Tenth Day of Christmas

4 January 2010

ten lords a-leaping
[the ten commandments]

Shabbat Shalom!
I love Shabbat, especially in Jerusalem.
It’s good here too though because I especially love the Homer Ward. This ward is the greatest and I looooove coming home to it! Sad to leave it soon, but excited to go back to BYUH 20th ward, a singles ward, with no screaming children. :)

Hung out at Holly’s all day today.
Played with her sick children. I love those girlies so much.
Made some crepes. Glad I don’t like those things.
Watched the Office. Haven’t watched it before. Interesting.
Put Natalie to bed. She said her prayers and said, “Bless people not to die. Bless the birds not to die. Bless Stacy to not fall apart.” and continued on to bless her mom, dad, sister, and dog.

I’m not ready to leave this wonderful family of mine yet. I don’t think I’m ever ready really.
I am excited to go back to Hawaii and school and everything though. It’s just so good.