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I love Avatar!

14 January 2010

Especially in 3D!

But seriously, it is such a good movie. I loved it. I wish I was as connected to nature and trees and energy as the indigenous people in the movie. So good. And the 3D was pretty much awesome. Stacy, Erin, Aryana, Anita, and I all looked great in the sweet glasses too.

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  • Reply shara 15 January 2010 at 06:06

    so thats what jeff is gone to see right now. not in 3d though cause thats more expensive so he opted out. but you do look pretty classy with those glasses on. as far as abby giraffe goes i’m sure we can work something out. it does have a couple of problem areas because i got it from natalies neighbor who was giving it to d.i. and i said no way abby would love it and i am sure that i had you in mind for when abby gets older and no longer wants it. we also have a lion if you want that too :) you just have to take that up with abby when shes older. anyway miss you and love you

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