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10 February 2010

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Be an Explorer.

10 February 2010

This evening Hayley and I went for a run/walk/exploration. We went from Bikini Beach all the way to Pounders. There’s like a little coral bridge that you can walk on that connects the two beaches.
It’s magical.
I also found a big pillar and tried meditating on it. And I found a sweet sandy camo hat, which I proceeded to wear for the rest of the exploration.
I really love exploring, and realized how much more I need to do that.

My day has been pretty grand, but the best part was my HAPPY BOX from my favorite twins! Those twins sure are good at mail (so is Ting) and I love it so much!
They sent me:
some yummy yummy wicked awesome chunky almond butter,
random funny candies and games, 
delicious granola,
funny necklaces,
sweet awesome gelly hearts.,
and lots of other magical things.
Mahaaaaaalo favorite twins!
Oh I love those girls.
This was a pretty great Tuesday.
I hope yours was excellent as well.
Oh an one other thing… I love 5th grade Stacy.