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16 February 2010

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I love presidents.

16 February 2010

And I especially love days that are dedicated to them, days such as Presidents Day!

My roommate Hayley and I picked up our goodie friends Kenze and Lauren and cruised on down to Town. We dropped then off at Waikiki to go surfing and then we saw the sign for Diamond Head, so we very spontaneously decided to hike on up there. Twas so beautiful. I love this island.

Later I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center with Anita to watch our dearest friend Rachael dance. And guess who else we ran into there… April! Oh I love those girlies.

I went to FHE tonight too and played some neato Capture the Flag.

Aaaaannnndddd…. Hayley and I had a super awesome dance party. It was most hilarious dance party ever. You should check out our video appropriately entitled “Spontaneity” on my facebook. I love dance parties, and presidents, and knee slaps.