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8 April 2010

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No more class.

8 April 2010

Semeester is almost done.

Been spending a lot of time in Hale 5 lately with all my lovely Relief Society sisters. I just love them all a lot. A lot.
Sat in Kenze girl’s room the other night and watched her pack. :) Took her to the airport early in the morn and I’m gonna miss that girly. I’ll miss all those girlies.
I love our Relief Society.

Had a class party at Brother Ford’s house too, complete with Rock Band, yummy food, and some very good people.

Went to April’s art show too. She just keeps getting more and more incredible.

Got a sweet awesome box from Tingy boy in the mail too, full of wonderful presents. And I got a very happy card from Sashie. I just know the greatest people in the world. But really if you get to know people well enough, they’re all pretty great.