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19 April 2010

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Break: Over Exposure

19 April 2010

Semester over. Break time.
A week off to do whatever I want.
Except sad that so many peeps are gone now.
Too many goodbyes.
It happens though.

Here’s what else happened:

Cruised around the island in this sweet ride beaucoup, mostly with this Sister girl and Anito.

Jammed to the pod the whole time in the car. Listened to sweet tunes such as Journey, Sufjan Stevens, Mason Jennings, Billy Joel, First Aid Kit, Regina Spektor, Matt Costa, and more.

Went to a beautiful Buddhist temple where Sister, Anita, and I made a new friend from Singapore. Funny man.

Rung a giant gong to spread happiness and such.

Made some beautiful wishes.

Played on the beach of course!

Went to Swap Meet with some lovely amigas.

Worked on my ukulele skills. It’s progressing well.

Discovered some Cadbury mini eggs at Pricebusters! Then proceeded to eat too many of them. Somehow that always happens. :)

I also spent much time enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian sky and sun and trees and everything. I love being here. And this blessed school is so perfect for me.

Hawai'i, Uncategorized

nijntje op de fiets

19 April 2010

Miffy rides a bike.
I ride a bike.

Should I take marine bio or not take marine bio?

Tis complete with Enya, yogi tea, and incense.

Early to bed, early to rise,
makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise.