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5 May 2010

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Bye Buddy.

5 May 2010
Hope you find your dad. :)

Dad called me today and told me he had some bad news. Buddy went to sleep last night and didn’t wake up this morning. Sad. So sad. He lived a happy thirteen years and i’s in a better place now. But I’m really quite sad he’s gone. :( Really sad.
Buddy and I were pretty much bestie friends. He slept with me every night and it was the best. He was such a good cuddler. I miss those days.

One of the things I loved most about my dear Buddy boy he was always so happy to see me. He would get so excited and just bark and jump around. It made me so happy.
Buddy was always full of energy. You’d never guess he was thirteen because he would just run and bark all over the place. He chased cars like mad and in the summer he’d go out in the field and dig for mice. Such a crazy boy he was.

The last five years I didn’t really live with him because I was at school and stuff, and when home I didn’t make nearly enough effort to give him all the love he deserved. But he always loved me unconditionally. No matter how I was to him, he was nothing but loyal to me. And I’m so thankful for Dad, Lee, Reanna, and Lauren, and that they’ve taken such good care of him and given him so much love the past few years.
I’m really sad Buddy’s gone. Really sad. And so surprised. I never thought he’d die. And I’ll be home in a month so I could’ve seen him again, but I guess it’s’ easier this way. I’m still so sad though. It won’t be the same when I go home. Crying.

I need to be more like Buddy.
Giving more unconditional love, always being playful young at heart, having so much energy, and being so so happy to see everyone.
Buddy was the greatest to me. I’m so blessed to have had a scruffy little doggy friend like him.

Love you Buttercup. A lot. See you in Heaven.