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10 May 2010


Hoppy Mother’s Day!

10 May 2010

Have you met my favorite person in the world? You should.
She’s absolutely lovely.

[pictured about 30 years ago]

This is the woman who gives her life for mine. There is no one I love more than her.

Random list what I love about my mother dear:
-neverrrr grumpy
-very distracted/focused driving
-cooking, what a chef
-selfless service always
-closet full of good clothes
-simultaneously reading and walking
-liking day old popcorn
-colorful walls
-bringing home new obscure animals
-being her bed buddy
-endless supply of craft supplies
-funny funny
-colorful robes
-delicious bread, yum yum
-yummy cookies too of course
-texts from her
-toast messes
-full bookshelves
-celtic woman sunday mornings
-interests in alternative stuffs
-her alaskan womaness
-love for flowers
-twirly gig windsock on antenna
-massive collection of movies
-always so cheerful
-always makes me happy
-always being the best mother she can be

I love you Mumsy.
Mahalo for being so good to me every single day of your life!