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16 May 2010

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Big Island Temple!

16 May 2010

Flew over to the Big Island with some ward members to go to the temple again, since the Laie temple won’t be open for a while still. Woke up at 2:30 am after four hours of sleep. Flew from Oahu to Big Island at 5 am. Jack and Ayako looking fine and dandy.
Got to the temple. Did baptisms. It was beautiful helping save souls. Met a wonderful woman at the temple. We exchanged addresses. :)
Tried to take some group pictures at the temple. Slightly unsuccessful. Go. Danny. Brandon. Laurelle. Ayako. JJ! Moi. Bishop. And Jack, Andrew, Bro. Camp, and the Remunds not pictured. 
Driving around the island in a sweet huge van. The Big Island is so crazy cool. So many different climates. So many different beauties. 
There’s even a zebra!! Why? No idea. It was just penned up like the cows and stuff. Random. I was so excited to see this. But I feel bad. Zebra might be kind of sad with no zebra friends. 
We went to Volcano National Park where I used to second most cool bathroom I’ve ever used. The coolest one of course being in Petra. But this one here was just like in sweet jungle rainforest green beautifulness. 
Had fun with dear Ayako walking through Thurston Lava Tube. This lava tube reminded me a bit of Hezekiah’s Tunnel, or of the billions of cisterns we went through in the Holy Land.
Enjoyed the best nature walks I’ve been on in a while. Slightly reminiscent of some Jeruness.
I saw some neato plants and animals allllll day long. There were sweet awesome huge ferns and fiddleheads and such. 
I even got to frolic around in a dress in a volcano!
Felt some hot hot steam. Volcanos are cool, except they’re hot.
It was especially great playing with my Jerusalem amigo, JJ/Gigi, all day. Very good.
Spent four hours in giant sweet van so the peeps just slept. That’s boring. I stayed awake the whole time jibber jabbering away to anyone with eyes slightly open. I got to see so much Big Island beauty! Did some lovely talking with Bishop too, trying to keep him awake. 
I had a great plane ride back. Sat next to a cool beans Canadian couple. I like airplane rides. Twas so nice to have a beautiful rainbow welcome us back to Oahu. 

I am so grateful I went on this trip. I didn’t really want to spend $146 to go, but it was so so worth it. So fun spending time with all these exceptional people.