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1 May 2010

I can’t wait to go home in a month and play with these two little darlings!

Excited to become best friends with this good boy again too, and of course to meet the new chickies.

So many good things to look forward to. But I’m gonna be one sad girl to leave this Hawaii land and sad to leave being RS prez. At least I’ll be coming back someday soon though.

I’m still a sickie girl. It’s been five days. This is dumb. I’m coughing like a fool today. Annoying. Popsicles are still helpful.

Thanks to Jordi for sending me these happy pictures. Wishing a very happy happy birthday to that old man. So very glad he’s my brother in law. He’s just brought so much goodness into our family, and especially to my dear sister, which is most important.

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