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Last Sunday :(

31 May 2010

I am so sad to leave BYUH 20th ward. I love this ward so so much.
   It was so sad to have our last Relief Society presidency meeting this morning. I’m not ready to be done with that. And I was quite sad in my last PEC meet for a while too. I really love those meetings. I have so enjoyed my Sundays full of meetings and visits.

   It was especially sad when the ward sang Aloha Oe to those of us who are leaving this week. And the bishopric came around and put leis on all of our necks during the song… ah I will miss this place, and this ward, and especially my current bishopric, and especially Bishop. He is the greatest.
   I’ve learned so much from him. And he taught the lesson today during Priesthood/Relief Society and it was so good. He talked a lot about happiness (my favorite thing) and how the Gospel is our source of complete happiness. True true. And I love the Gospel too.
   And in a few weeks I’ll be finding out where I’ll preach it! :D

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