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18 May 2010
     This is Yesenia. She is a lifesaver for me and Sister. We came home from her house Sunday night and as we come to the front door, we see a big roach on the kitchen floor. I successfully kill it with a boogie board. 

    Then we go upstairs to get ready for bed and I hear Stacy scream in her room. Another big roachie just scurried into her closet underneath stuff. I do not want to deal with this. I do not want to spend another hour tearing apart a bedroom to hunt down a stupid scary cockroach.

     So Yesenia comes over. Brave, fearless, she digs through the closet hunting roachie. He runs out, we scream a bit, but Yesenia gets him.
     But then Sister screams louder and there is another big roach in the top of her closet! Yesenia tries to get it with the broom but it ends up running under the bed, where all my suitcases are. So we dig them out, shake them out, and can’t find roachie. He’s not under the other bed either. Bugger. 
     But we find him under a duffel bag and Yesenia kills him like a true Amazon woman. Then she searches through the rest of the stuff making sure there aren’t more. What a lifesaver she is. 
     I’m so over this cockroach infestation. Last night there was another one too. But he was in the kitchen. I tried to get him but he ran under the stove. An hour later he creeps out and is crawling on the fridge. So fortunately Ally walked in at that moment and was able to capture him for us. What would I do without these amazing women in my life?
     I need to get over this deep roach fear. It’s not as bad if they’re downstairs or on the floor not moving, but if they’re running all over my bed and hiding in my room, it is not okay.
     And seven big cockroaches in six days is really not okay. But I’ll be back in roach free Alaska in 2.5 weeks, very bittersweet.

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