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riddles and missionaries

24 May 2010


-Mahalos to Elder Thompson, for bringing so many very random jokes and funnies to the world, and especially to ward council and Sunday School.
-Mahalos to Sister Thompson, for being such a wonderful Relief Society mentor and for giving my presidency and I yummy cookies tonight.
-Mahalos to the Remunds, for supporting 20th ward in every way and for being such wonderful people. They will be so missed when they leave in a month.

Missionary couples are the best. I want to be one someday, preferably in Jerusalem. :) I guess now I’ll just settle for going on my own mission this fall, and pretty sure not in Jerusalem. Hopefully I finish my papers in the next two weeks! 
{Here’s my old Relief Society, my first one here at school. I love this RS so much. But I especially love so so much the one we have now and the one from Winter. Ah I love those sisters muchos.}

Only one more Sunday in BYUH 20th ward. I am so sad about that. Oh I will miss it so, during church stuffs the entiiiire day, visiting sisters, meeting with Bishop, planning things with presidency,  meetings galore, learning lots and lots… it’s the best. What a glorious five months this has been.


  • Reply Stacy 24 May 2010 at 08:28

    Molly called.
    She wants her RS President tote bag back.

  • Reply Elyse Marie 31 May 2010 at 01:51

    Chelsea! I am so excited your putting your papers in! You will be INCREDIBLE! And I cannot wait to see your lovely face in just a few weeks :-D

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