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June 2010

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Farnworth University!

28 June 2010


June 17 – June 20 the Farnworth fam bam stayed at Three Peaks Lodge in St. Anthony, Idaho.

While we were there, we did some spelunking in an old lava tube. I loved that muchos.

And a few of us peed outside.:)

We had a great tie-dye party, which was of course one of my favorite parts! Yay I love tie dye!
We even got to play at some sand dunes, which was only fun for like half hour for me, since their was no ocean to rinse off in. I miss ocean.

The traditional Farnworth family auction took place too of course. Chasey boy picked his toe jam for that one.

The Five Dollar Game is a classic too. Another classic is that Jenny and Joe won. Apparently that happens a lot. :)

We had some honey nut cherrio parties too. Yum yum.

The night we played dippity-dippity-dip was so fun and so hilarious. Loved it.

Then sadly, we had to say goodbye to everyone. And I am so so glad that this Shara and Abby girl came up.

Then we drove four hours back to Utah!

It was such an excellent time hanging out with all those sweet family peeps. And there were little kids galore! But luckily they had a plethora of toys to keep them occupied. I just loved it though.
There are currently 71 souls in the family for Grandma and Grandpa. 60 were there. 8 weren’t able to make it. And 3 more were watching and enjoying from Heaven.
Families are the greatest. I’m so glad mine is for forever.

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Only in Utah

27 June 2010

Picture this.

Stephen Wilkinson, Jordan, Josh, and I at a red light,
on our way to the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti.
We turn to our right, and guess who it is….
Yep. That’s right. [side note… that’s not my picture]
It’s pretty much Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his wife right next to us!
You best believe he smiled and waved.
It’s not every day you’re driving next to
an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. :D
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Spit Run

26 June 2010

Right now I should be in AK running Homer’s annual 10 K race.
The Spit Run.
I’ve ran it pretty much every summer since I was 5.
That’s a lot of times.
Wish I wasn’t missing it this year.

But I’m in Utah and it’s been splendid.
I’ve spent so much time with good family and good friends.
Partying up a storm and I’ve loved it.
It has been so wonderful seeing all this family and friends.
But it is always nice to get home and back to regular life.

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21 June 2010
Opening this big envelope today!!
I’ll find out where I’m spending the next 18 months of my life!
Sooooo excited!

Happy Solstice today!
I’d love to celebrate this day in Alaska, but I’m glad I get to open my mission call down here in Utah with all this lovely fam around.
O happy day!

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#1 Dad

21 June 2010

Happy Fathers Day to my most favorite daddy-o in the whole world.

This dude is the coolest. Let me tell you why…

-He is an extreme, hard core, mountain man. He ventures in the wilderness alllll the time, whether in the mountains or the ocean. I just love that Dad is such a cool nature adventurer, because he has taught me how good it is and I absolutley love love our bajillions of camping, kayaking, and hiking trips. I just have such glorious adventures with him.

-My pops is one healthy guy, always exercising and staying active, and always eating right. This man has taught me well, thank goodness. Good health is just the greatest. You only have one body so you may as well take good care of it.

-Dad is such a hard worker and so thrifty and conservative. Sometimes a little too conservative :). But I have learned so many good things from how he is. This father of mine is always always teaching me and hopefully I’m always learning.

-My dad is one funny bunny. Oh my goodness he pretty much cracks me up very very muchos often.

-Another great things about Daddy-O is that is always does his home teaching. Nice work.

So much of the wonderful goodness in my life I owe to my dear ol’ dad. Many mahalos to him for taking such good care of me and my dear siblings. He has been such an excellent father and I’m so lucky to have him. Love you Pops.

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Utah – day uno

15 June 2010

Mama and I had a very very lovely drive up to Anchorage.
Tis goooood to be here in Utah with all this fun fam.
But tis very hard being vegan while not at home.
Expensive too, missing out on boat cleaning monies.
I love this fam lotso lots though.
I really want to see mi amigos from Jeru.

I’m so so happy Shara is here.

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Homer Saturday

13 June 2010

I love Holly and Jordin’s house. It is our family hot spot. Tis equipped with a mighty successful greenhouse, many chickens, a meadow, fresh bread, darling girls, and a lovely HoJo. I am always there on Saturdays, and on the other six days of the week too.

Saturday means Homer’s fabulous farmers market! But not much is growing yet, so I didn’t buy any veggies, just homemade chapstick. Yum.

Saturdays usually include a trip to the beach. But of course most days include a trip to the beach! Beach=happy.

Today I went to a happening birthday party at the park! Have I told you how much I love birthdays?

I miss mine and Stacy’s Hawaii house and our fun times of fun, but we had a fun day of Homer sun and fun today. 
And does it get any better than spending your day with a darling girl such as this one?

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12 June 2010

Cleaned boats in the freezing harbor last night.
I miss the warmth of Hawaii.
But at least I’m making monies.

[harbor fun last summer and chillin with some of Brother’s fishies]

Stopped at the store on my way home to buy veggies, since I haven’t been eating enough of them, and talked to some dude sitting out front for 15 minutes.

He’s 50, from northern California, and just hitchhiked up here. He wants to get a job on a boat, preferably with Johnathan Hillstrand. He was smoking a cigarette and sitting on his bag, which full of a down sleeping bag, carhartts, and such. He was asking me about the harbor and possible work down there and then he was telling me about his adventures here. Twas very interesting and good talking with him.
His name is Eugene.

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Thankful Thursday

11 June 2010

I am thankful that my dandelion wishes are coming true.
I am thankful for dandelions, little bits of sunshine scattered all over the green ground.

I am thankful I jumped in the ocean today.
I am thankful to be home living with my mama.
I am thankful to be making sweet monies with boat cleaning.
I am thankful for my sweet subi.
I am thankful I discovered the Forrest Gump soundtrack.
I am thankful I saw a cute baby and mama moose tonight.
I am thankful the sun doesn’t set till like 11ish.
I am thankful I’ll be in Utah on Monday.
I am thankful for fresh vegetables.
I am thankful I caught up on blogging.

I am thankful for the glorious times I am sharing with my darling nieces, who I love so so much.

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7 June 2010

   Dad picked up Sister and I in Anchorage airport after we finally made it a couple hours late, problems in the “fog bank”.

   Twas a lovely drive down to Homer with moose, a jump in the snow, peanuts, the Forrest Gump soundtrack, a couple Alaskan outhouses, and of course Matilda.

   Got to Homer and went to the Keintz home, where I playing with my darling nieces, Holly, Jordin, and Yisa. Ate some yummy food, as is customary at Holly’s house, saw their lovely garden and chickens, and walked around with Cody boy.

   We visited Mama at the ice cream shop. I had a bit. Weird. It’s been forever, and I think I still don’t like ice cream. Walked around the boardwalk holding Natalie’s hand and picking dandelions. Lovely.

   Got asked to teach a Sunday school class. Excellent.
   As soon as I walked into church I met with the 2nd counselor in the bishopric and I already have a calling as a primary worker. Thank goodness. I need a calling; I’m feeling deprived after being released.
   Guess who else was released from his calling today? Bishop Gold. Sad he’s done. But he did so so so good. Bish was the best. Oh I miss 20th ward and so many other things about this past year in fabulous Laie.
   But it is lovely being home with my dearest family. Can’t wait for Jakey Bob to get here soon!

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Aloha Oe

5 June 2010

My last 24 hours in Hawaii for a while…. :( :( :(

Drank some fresh coconut juice.


Very much enjoyed some tie dying. Muchly.


Had some yummy brekkie with these lovelies.
Did some sensational trampoline jumping.
Walked to the beach in our new tie dyed attire.
Enjoyed the Hawaiian Pacific with these little friends of mine.
Then we had to say goodbye. :( :(
Twas so sad. :(


So many goodbyes to give.


Aloha and mahalo to the Remunds who so graciously gave Sister and I a ride to the airport. Such good people I have know and love.


Aloha Oe to my wonderful life in Hawaii. Till we meet again.
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3 June 2010
Yes, Anito is now a brunette, and a very beautiful one too. I love her muchos.
I finished all my homeworks and exams and feel semi-free, but I still have lots to do, packing, cleaning, mahalos, alohas.
I was sitting on a nice little bench yesterday and met this little friend that flew over to my hand. Her name is Bella.
I sat there on that bench with Bella and thought about how grateful I am for so many people here and how much I am going to miss them. 
So I went and fetched some mahalo/aloha cards and am going to give them to some lovely people that I am so grateful for and so sad to say goodbye to.
My friend Seven gave me a card telling me so many nice things. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I want to make other people feel that way too.
Twas also a lovely beach day today with these two ladies.
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Back to 129

3 June 2010

Went to my old room in Hale 2 tonight, 129.
Good times in there with my dear Lilly girl.

It’s Nicola’s room now.
She’s the new RS pres too when I leave.
I told her everything I know and I everything I learned
about being Relief Society president.

I was so sad to hand over my magical folder full of 20th ward RS goodness, but it’s time. And I know this girl will do marvelously.

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3 June 2010

My friend Seven gave me the most wonderful card today saying thank you and goodbye and such. It was so so so nice.
It made me realize I need to do that too.
I went around to a couple of my professors and told them thank you muchos for teaching me and being wonderful and excellent.
Then I went to the bookstore and now I’m in the process of writing a bunch of mahalo and goodbye cards.
It is such an excellent thing to do.
Many mahalos to Seven for changing my life.

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1 June 2010

My Memorial Day celebrations began Sunday evening, with a bike ride to the Sheri Dew and Wendy Nelson fireside. Excellent.
Then Yesenia, Mariah, and Anito came over here! We watched PS I Love You and of course whipped out the craft basket!

After hinting for many months, Anito finally slept over with us. :)
At 2 am, there was a giant roachie creeping across my floor, but I killed him no prob.
I ate some yummo quinoa and berries for brekkie then we beached!

It was cloudy though, so then we got ready to bus it to Kaneohe since we sold our car.
TheBus… always an adventure. It was not bad at all this time. I have puked before on there though. It was kind of awesome. TheBus is cool beans though. By the way, Anita’s head isn’t actually that small as the picture shows. hehe

We went to the mall and Ross and shopped. I didn’t feel like shopping or doing much at all. I don’t like feeling like that. Nope.
But I did by a cutesy dress and some yummy yummy dark dark chocolate. I love dark choco. So twas successful.
And of course it’s always lovely playing with these two girls, especially when Anito has werthers in her mouth. :)
We bussed it back home, went to Foodland, and got some serious mango sorbet, Sissy’s new favorite.

Then fun fun fun…!
Beach photoshoot complete with sun hat, giant rainbow umbrella, ukulele, and beach swing!

I love Matilda Hilda Ukulele.
And I very much love life here in Hawaii,
especially fun times with Anito (newly brunette) and Sister!