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1 June 2010

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1 June 2010

My Memorial Day celebrations began Sunday evening, with a bike ride to the Sheri Dew and Wendy Nelson fireside. Excellent.
Then Yesenia, Mariah, and Anito came over here! We watched PS I Love You and of course whipped out the craft basket!

After hinting for many months, Anito finally slept over with us. :)
At 2 am, there was a giant roachie creeping across my floor, but I killed him no prob.
I ate some yummo quinoa and berries for brekkie then we beached!

It was cloudy though, so then we got ready to bus it to Kaneohe since we sold our car.
TheBus… always an adventure. It was not bad at all this time. I have puked before on there though. It was kind of awesome. TheBus is cool beans though. By the way, Anita’s head isn’t actually that small as the picture shows. hehe

We went to the mall and Ross and shopped. I didn’t feel like shopping or doing much at all. I don’t like feeling like that. Nope.
But I did by a cutesy dress and some yummy yummy dark dark chocolate. I love dark choco. So twas successful.
And of course it’s always lovely playing with these two girls, especially when Anito has werthers in her mouth. :)
We bussed it back home, went to Foodland, and got some serious mango sorbet, Sissy’s new favorite.

Then fun fun fun…!
Beach photoshoot complete with sun hat, giant rainbow umbrella, ukulele, and beach swing!

I love Matilda Hilda Ukulele.
And I very much love life here in Hawaii,
especially fun times with Anito (newly brunette) and Sister!