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5 June 2010

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Aloha Oe

5 June 2010

My last 24 hours in Hawaii for a while…. :( :( :(

Drank some fresh coconut juice.


Very much enjoyed some tie dying. Muchly.


Had some yummy brekkie with these lovelies.
Did some sensational trampoline jumping.
Walked to the beach in our new tie dyed attire.
Enjoyed the Hawaiian Pacific with these little friends of mine.
Then we had to say goodbye. :( :(
Twas so sad. :(


So many goodbyes to give.


Aloha and mahalo to the Remunds who so graciously gave Sister and I a ride to the airport. Such good people I have know and love.


Aloha Oe to my wonderful life in Hawaii. Till we meet again.