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13 June 2010

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Homer Saturday

13 June 2010

I love Holly and Jordin’s house. It is our family hot spot. Tis equipped with a mighty successful greenhouse, many chickens, a meadow, fresh bread, darling girls, and a lovely HoJo. I am always there on Saturdays, and on the other six days of the week too.

Saturday means Homer’s fabulous farmers market! But not much is growing yet, so I didn’t buy any veggies, just homemade chapstick. Yum.

Saturdays usually include a trip to the beach. But of course most days include a trip to the beach! Beach=happy.

Today I went to a happening birthday party at the park! Have I told you how much I love birthdays?

I miss mine and Stacy’s Hawaii house and our fun times of fun, but we had a fun day of Homer sun and fun today. 
And does it get any better than spending your day with a darling girl such as this one?