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21 June 2010

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21 June 2010
Opening this big envelope today!!
I’ll find out where I’m spending the next 18 months of my life!
Sooooo excited!

Happy Solstice today!
I’d love to celebrate this day in Alaska, but I’m glad I get to open my mission call down here in Utah with all this lovely fam around.
O happy day!

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#1 Dad

21 June 2010

Happy Fathers Day to my most favorite daddy-o in the whole world.

This dude is the coolest. Let me tell you why…

-He is an extreme, hard core, mountain man. He ventures in the wilderness alllll the time, whether in the mountains or the ocean. I just love that Dad is such a cool nature adventurer, because he has taught me how good it is and I absolutley love love our bajillions of camping, kayaking, and hiking trips. I just have such glorious adventures with him.

-My pops is one healthy guy, always exercising and staying active, and always eating right. This man has taught me well, thank goodness. Good health is just the greatest. You only have one body so you may as well take good care of it.

-Dad is such a hard worker and so thrifty and conservative. Sometimes a little too conservative :). But I have learned so many good things from how he is. This father of mine is always always teaching me and hopefully I’m always learning.

-My dad is one funny bunny. Oh my goodness he pretty much cracks me up very very muchos often.

-Another great things about Daddy-O is that is always does his home teaching. Nice work.

So much of the wonderful goodness in my life I owe to my dear ol’ dad. Many mahalos to him for taking such good care of me and my dear siblings. He has been such an excellent father and I’m so lucky to have him. Love you Pops.