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28 June 2010

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Farnworth University!

28 June 2010


June 17 – June 20 the Farnworth fam bam stayed at Three Peaks Lodge in St. Anthony, Idaho.

While we were there, we did some spelunking in an old lava tube. I loved that muchos.

And a few of us peed outside.:)

We had a great tie-dye party, which was of course one of my favorite parts! Yay I love tie dye!
We even got to play at some sand dunes, which was only fun for like half hour for me, since their was no ocean to rinse off in. I miss ocean.

The traditional Farnworth family auction took place too of course. Chasey boy picked his toe jam for that one.

The Five Dollar Game is a classic too. Another classic is that Jenny and Joe won. Apparently that happens a lot. :)

We had some honey nut cherrio parties too. Yum yum.

The night we played dippity-dippity-dip was so fun and so hilarious. Loved it.

Then sadly, we had to say goodbye to everyone. And I am so so glad that this Shara and Abby girl came up.

Then we drove four hours back to Utah!

It was such an excellent time hanging out with all those sweet family peeps. And there were little kids galore! But luckily they had a plethora of toys to keep them occupied. I just loved it though.
There are currently 71 souls in the family for Grandma and Grandpa. 60 were there. 8 weren’t able to make it. And 3 more were watching and enjoying from Heaven.
Families are the greatest. I’m so glad mine is for forever.