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Hello. Welcome to Post #300.

31 July 2010

I don’t know what monumental thing to do for my 300th post.
I’ve been blogging for a year and a half and it has been a most wonderful journey.
I began so that I could share tales from my semester studying in Jerusalem.
Then when I got back from the Holy Land, I sort of stopped blogging for a while.
But when I got back to school in Hawaii I started up again.
And now that I’m home in AK for the summer, I’m blogging lots and lots. It’s lovely.

I don’t know how many people actually look at this little blog of mine, but I look at it a lot.
However tis fun to know peeps are checking it out with comments and followers and such.

For post #100, I wrote 100 loves of Jerusalem, but I decided not to do the same for the 300th.
Instead I’m sharing some of my all time favorite music with you.

A.A. Bondy – There’s A Reason
Architecture in Helsinki – Souvenirs
Band of Horses – the Funeral
The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun
Bell X1 – Eve, the Apple of My Eye
Ben Folds – the Luckiest
Ben Harper – She’s Only Happy in the Sun
Beulah – Popular Mechanics for Lovers
Bianca Merkley – Beautiful Day
Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings
Billy Joel – And So It Goes
Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire
Bon Jovi – It’s My Life
Bonnie Tyler & Meatloaf – Total Eclipse of the Heart
Brett Dennen – When I Go
Brian Birdwell – Soulful Lovin’ Man
Bush – Glycerine
Celtic Woman – Last Rose of Summer
Coeur de Pirate – Comme des Enfants
Coldplay – Viva la Vida
Credence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Silver and Gold
Dashboard Confessional – Age Six Racer
Death Cab for Cutie – Lack of Color
Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen
Doves – Caught By the River
Eddie Vedder – Rise
Elizabeth Mitchell – This Little Light of Mine
Enya – Adiemus
Enya – Paint the Sky With Stars
Europe – the Final Countdown
Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold
First Aid Kit – You’re Not Coming Home Tonight
Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave this World Alive
Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom
Fun. – the Gambler
Green Day – the Holiday
Harry and the Potters – I Am a Wizard
Hilary Duff – What Dreams Are Made Of
The Hush Sound – We Intertwined
Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
Ingrid Michaelson – Everybody
Iron & Wine – Each Coming Night
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Jack Johnson – Do You Remember
Jem – Maybe I’m Amazed
Joan Armatrading – In These Times
Johnny Cash – Hurt
Jon Schmidt – Love Story Meets Viva la Vida
Josh Turner – Would You Go With Me
Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk – Paperweight
Journey – Don’t Stop Believing
Kansas – Dust in the Wind
Keane – Hamburg Song
The Killers – Smile Like You Mean It
Kurt Bestor – Prayer of the Children
Leigh Nash – Ocean Size Love
Mason Jennings – How Deep is that River
Matisyahu – One Day
Matt Costa – Sunshine
Meatloaf – I Would Do Anything For Love
Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
Michael Jackson – Beat It
Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
Noah and the Whale – Five Years Time
Ozone – Numa Numa
Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel
OneRepublic – Apologize
Patrick Park – Something Pretty
Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile
Peter, Paul, and Mary – If I Had A Hammer
Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Rascal Flatts – God Bless the Broken Road
Reba McEntire & Carole King – Everyday People
Regina Spektor – the Call
Rise Against – Swing Life Away
Rogue Wave – My Little Bird
Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah
Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way
Scott McKenzie – San Francisco
Sheva – Salaam
Simon & Garfunkel – Feelin’ Groovy
Sister Hazel – Concede
Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy
Sophie Madeleine – You Are My Favourite
South – Paint the Silence
Stars – the Apidistra Flies
Sufjan Stevens – Lo How a Rose E’re Blooming
Sun Tan – Everybody’s Free
Taylor Swift – Hey Stephen
Toto – Africa
Trans Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon
U2 – Beautiful Day
Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
Yellowcard – Only One
Yiruma – River Flows in You
Youth Group – Forever Young

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Does it get any better?

30 July 2010
than spending three beautiful days in one beautiful place with thirteen beautiful girls?
It doesn’t get much better than this.
I’m so very glad I got to go to Girls Camp this year.
I just love it.
And I love all of them.
A lot actually.
(more details to come on G Camp soon after I get a good rest.)
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right now

27 July 2010

packing for girls camp
    –should’ve gotten ready earlier. classic.
wearing sweats
    –like always these days. eat fish wear grundens.
have my funny columbia hood on
    –I’m cold. I miss not being cold.
listening to Silver and Gold by Danielle Ate the Sandwich
   –my new favorite. love this song and her.
eating coconut m&ms
   –many thanks to dear Anita
smell like fish and bleach
   –I like it. and I love cleaning boats. best summer job ever.
sitting in my sunshine yellow room
   –I love having space. and I love my car muchos.
looking at pictures from my grand Jerusalem adventures
   –miss miss miss love love love. the best times ever.

[Easter morning at the Garden Tomb. One of the best days of all time.]
Talk to you in a few days Blog Land. :)
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25 July 2010

Has been quite windy lately, a couple days it’s been too windy for most boats to go out. That means less work for me and less work for Lisa! So we went on another grand adventure. It was most excellent of course, as are all times and talks with her. We hiked down Diamond Creek with Gilligan and Cody. I love those doggies. And the beach. Ahhh I love that beach.

Lisa and Chelsea’s jumpalicious jumping pictures

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Eyptian journal entry :)

24 July 2010
Saturday 31st of January 2009
[I do not feel like crap or death today.]
Happy Birthday dear Holly sister.

That’s what my journal said. Funny.
That’s all I wrote.
But that’s one good entry for how sick I was in Egypt.

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mail call

23 July 2010
[Katy’s little glove fell on the rocks]

Within the last two weeks I have gotten THREE BOXES in the mail.
What a lucky girl I am to have such wonderful friends!
A box from Carla, a box from Anito, and a box from Alexis and Elena!
Mail makes me a very happy girl.
It probably makes other people happy too.
So I should send some mail.
I will do that today.

[a little bit of beach rock art]

By the way, have you heard of Day Zero?
You should check it out and start a list.
101 things to do in 1001 days.

[beach photo shoot with Frankie Lemon]

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Blow Day

22 July 2010

Twas a verrrry windy day today.
Pretty much no boats went out fishing.
I only had one boat to clean tonight.
That was probably my one and only almost day off this summer.

Didn’t really know what to do with myself today, having almost the whole day off.
Most fortunately Lisa asked my to hike the Homestead Trail with her.
We had an excellent time.
I love her quite a lot.
She is nothing but wonderful. She’s pretty much awesome, as the sign says.

We finished our little hike and stopped by Holly’s. I feel like I haven’t been there or seen them forever. But they weren’t home. So Lisa, Jake, and I just hung out there anyway, scavenging the fridge and cupboards for something to eat. :) I love the Keintz home.
Then the baby magpie needed feeding. I took this picture where Gilly looks like he’s trying to eat little Ludlow. But he’d never do that. Ever.

PS I made two new pairs of parrot earrings today!

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“You are a criminal…”

20 July 2010

Remember when I got pulled over a while ago, and got caught with expired plates that Mom and I stupidly, out of complete stupidity, tried to cover up with a non expired sticker from a different car? (We do have a little bit of reasoning for that, but it wasn’t very smart. :) )
Well I had to go to court for it this morning, because improper use of plates like that is a misdemeanor.

Court was funny. The video I watched told my I was a criminal being charged with a crime.
That’s weird; I don’t really feel like a criminal.
It was an interesting experience though.
People preparing for missions don’t get to go to court all the time, so I’m a lucky one.

[This fellow was sitting next to me in the court room. 
I think his crime wasn’t the bad either, and he came out victorious. 
Court is funny when you’re criminals like we are.]

But it’s a bugger because Mom and I had to pay a $350 fine and I’m on probation for a year.
Probation… funny. But I’m leaving the country in two and a half months so who cares. Haha.
Oh yes, and I have a misdemeanor and a criminal record.
Be looking for my name in the paper.

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another day in orange

20 July 2010

I was wearing my grundens aaaaallllllllll day again.
And my xtratufs too of course, for 18 hours in fact.
That’s a long time in grundens and xtratufs, just like I like it.

I went fishing with Captain Mike on the lovely Arctic Addiction and it was an very excellent day.
We got a lot of very nice fishies and had a grand ol’ time.
Monster lingcod, oodles of black bass, a few yellow eye, and some sweetsie halibut. :)

And there was this super cool old dude out fishing with us too.
His name is Paul. He is 80 years old and from New York. He is an old school photographer too.
I loved fishing with that ol’ fellow. And he caught the beastly fish below.

We were doing some excellent fish catching, supposedly because there was a lady on board. :)

I drove the boat on the home the first hour, behind Ronnie in the Sweet T, while Mike cleaned fish.
I got to see some whales and rainbows on the drive too. Magical.

We got back to the harbor and I had seven boats to clean.
Most fortunately, my dear sister Stacy girl cleaned three of them for me.
But I was still sporting those grundens and xtratufs in the harbor till 11 pm.
Good thing I like in Alaska where it’s still light at that time of night.

I just love summertime in Homer, Alaska.

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Brother’s Big Fish

18 July 2010

Yesterday Jakey Bob brought home this 191.8 lb halibut!!!
“What a hog!” they say.
He had to fight through some winds and waves to get there, but he made it to his new secret spot and caught quite a nice load of good fatty fish, including the beast pictured above.
I’m so proud of the brother of mine.
Such a good little skipper he is.
Wish I would’ve been fishing with him yesterday, but at least I was in the harbor for all the excitement of pictures and weighing and cleaning and such.
Twas such an excellent day with all the sunshine and especially with this MONSTER fish!!
Good boy Brother. Good boy.

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I love my new orange bibs.

16 July 2010

I LOVE fishing with my dear brother.
I love it even more when my favorite half neighbor Lisa is there!

I love that we’re all sporting sweet orange grundens here. There’s nothing better.
I love the poofballs on my hat too.
I love that Jakey taught me how to filet halibut. I like doing it. Fun stuff.

I loved everything about this day, except getting a bit sea sick.
I love being at sea with Captain Jake and Deckhand Lisa and Higgy and peeps too.
I love these days fishing with Brother. Especially when we get such nice fishies!

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recipe for glorious beach day

16 July 2010
-one big sun
-three extremely low tides
-lots of fun beach buddies
-one lovely skirt
-two good legs for jumping
-two bare feet
-one nice camera
-and lots of happy thankful souls
Blend together on high and bake at 56 degrees until well done.
Serve and enjoy!
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15 July 2010

Remember my niece Natalie?

Well after an unfortunate encounter with Holly’s haircutting scissors,
she has now sort of become my nephew Nate. :)

Though with some headbands, large flowers, and a semi proper haircut by Holly,
things should be growing back to normal in a few years or so.

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Oh Brother

11 July 2010

Today is Brother’s birthday.
I like him a lot.
I’m so glad he’s my brother.
And I’m so glad he’s back in the harbor because I absolutely love visiting him.
He’s super cool.
I love being with Jakey Boy.
I’m so happy he’s here.
And I’m so happy about the wicked awesome family party we had.
Holly girl is the best hostess.
And Brother is the best birthday boy,
and the best brother.

[Jakey. Chelsea. Holly. Stacy.]
[BSF – best siblings forever :) ]
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lovely 9th of July

9 July 2010

I woke up early this morning.
Hence today is going fabulously.
Spent a couple hours on the beach, running, frolicking, visiting the eagles, journaling, and listening to sweet jams.
Sister came after a bit too. She’s fun to play with.
And I played with my darling nieces this afternoon too.
We ventured to the store and I bought some dark chocolate. 60% cacao. Delightful.

Today is Sasha’s birthday.
No wonder it is such a good day!
Sasha has truly blessed the earth with her wonderful self.
She is such a lovely lady full of randomness and joyfuls.
How could you not love her?
I really think anyone that meets her instantly falls in love.
I know I did. I’m so lucky she’s my goodie friend.

Today is also grand because it’s marks the anniversary of Katie and Nathan‘s year of wedded bliss!
You couldn’t meet a more spledid couple.
I just love these two muchos and am so happy they found each other and that they’ll spend eternity together!
Their joy is contagious.
And their wedding pictures are marvelous.

One of the best parts of today was…
Natalie and I had much much very much fun.
I love tie dye.

Today was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
And note to self: always get up early.

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The number for the day is 245.

8 July 2010

I just got home from cleaning 8 boats in 5 hours in a torrential downpour.
And I got to see three beautiful rainbows tonight.
I listened to General Conference podcasts while cleaning,
both in English and Portuguese.
Though I only understood a few Portuguese words.
I am so happy I’ll be speaking Portuguese… in Brazil!

I love cleaning boats (or I love the monies I get from it).
I like smelling like fish and bleach and wearing sweats and xtratufs.
I love the harbor, especially since Brother is there now.
I love the people, the smells, the sounds. Good stuff.
One thing I do not like however, in fact one of the few things that really angers me,
is when I accidentally rip my headphones out of my ear.
It’s so annoying and never fails to aggravate me.
That happened a couple times tonight. Annoying.
But luckily I only get angry for like 2 seconds
and then I’m back to enjoying the rainbows and sunshine.
It’s so obnoxious when I rip them out though.

One other slight annoyance of boat cleaning,
is when the hose sprays me in the face.
Kind of unpleasant, kind of funny.
Either way, it’s all worth the money.