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Blow Day

22 July 2010

Twas a verrrry windy day today.
Pretty much no boats went out fishing.
I only had one boat to clean tonight.
That was probably my one and only almost day off this summer.

Didn’t really know what to do with myself today, having almost the whole day off.
Most fortunately Lisa asked my to hike the Homestead Trail with her.
We had an excellent time.
I love her quite a lot.
She is nothing but wonderful. She’s pretty much awesome, as the sign says.

We finished our little hike and stopped by Holly’s. I feel like I haven’t been there or seen them forever. But they weren’t home. So Lisa, Jake, and I just hung out there anyway, scavenging the fridge and cupboards for something to eat. :) I love the Keintz home.
Then the baby magpie needed feeding. I took this picture where Gilly looks like he’s trying to eat little Ludlow. But he’d never do that. Ever.

PS I made two new pairs of parrot earrings today!

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