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I miss Lola.

2 July 2010

I miss Lola.
I miss Lola.
I miss Lola.

Could a girl ask for a better bike?
The answer is no.
I miss her spoke beads.
I miss her basket.
I miss miss miss ringing her bell.
I especially miss those multi colored candy stripes.
Oh there is no more beautiful bike on campus.
I miss all the time we spent together.
I miss all the places she took me.
I miss all the people she introduced me to.
I miss so many things.
Lola, I miss you!

I missed my little cruiser bike Lola even more when I rode Holly’s mountain bike this morning, and had to learn the hard way that you do not brake by back pedaling.

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  • Reply Anita 2 July 2010 at 07:56

    Oh Chels, Lola misses you too. I’m taking her on plenty of foodland runs,and trips to Hukilau, and i have yet to take her to Sunset… i’m afraid i might become roadkill. She is such a wonderful bike.

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