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6 July 2010

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I’m so so allergic today and am not feeling too adventurous. So I’m just chillin’ here in my race car bed exploring the options for blog remodeling.
Sister and I went on a nice little beach/Spit run this morning and created some lovely beach art with driftwood.
I’m eating edamame right now. Yum.
I’ll be spending many hours in the harbor tonight, again, as I have seven boats to clean.
It’s another low key summer day. I need to start more adventures and projects.

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Jerusalem reunions galore!!!

3 July 2010
When I was in Utah last week, I got to see so many peeps from my dearest Jerusalem family. It had been over a year since I’d seen any of them (except BYUH kids Moon, Kara, and Chelsie) and it was the best of the best!!! Ahhhh I love them all muchos and had the best, happiest, most majestic times with them.
My first Jeru reunion was in Idaho. I went to Rexburg one night and got to sleepover with Kara and Hayley AND I finally got to meet Justin Marshall, who I LOVE! This day was the happiest day! There was just so much goodness I couldn’t stop smiling!

On Monday I went to Stephen Wilkinson’s stake fhe and he took Heather Wilson and I all around BYU after getting us shaved ice. Twas an absolutely lovely Monday evening. BYU is super cool.
Then it came time for laser tag action. Jess and Allison couldn’t stay, but they came over to say hello anyway. So so glad I got to see them! I just got to see so many Jeru peeps! What a magical delight that was. 

Mr. Ken organized a sweet laser tag party! After it, my first laser tag experience, we got shaved ice. Why is there so much of that stuff in Utah? Weird. And by the way, I pretty much got 5th place in laser tag, out of 19 people I think. Is that super good or what? I thought I was like the worst, but apparently I’m pretty awesome. 

Then we went and played at the park!! Mahalos to the Hathaway’s aerobe for keeping us so occupied. And then we went and watched School of Rock at Rampton’s house. This was pretty much the best Wednesday night in the history of Wednesday nights.

Thursday I went to Temple Square and most fortunately ran into Sister Tamarra Kemsley! I learned so much from this wonderful missionary for the short time I got to talk with her. 

And then it was Suzie Skinner’s birthday party!! I love birthdays and I love the Skinners, so naturally it was a perfecto evening of fun. And I got to jump on the trampoline, play signs, and chill at the Skinner’s party palace. Who wouldn’t love that.

The Bozungs, Jordan, Josh, SW and I went to Manti for the Mormon Miracle Pageant. That was so excellent. I loved it muchos. Jordan and Josh disappeared on us, but Stephen and I had such a glorious time.

And the next day it was Elyse’s farewell! She’s headed to the D.R. soon. Ahhh I am so so happy about all these peeps I saw there and that I got to hear Elyse’s wonderful talk! 

My Jerusalem family is the best.
I love all of those people that I went to the BYU Jerusalem Center with so much.
I just wish I could see them more.
But I’m so so so happy that I got to party and play with so many of them all week long!
Ahhh it was the best, because they are the best!!
I miss everyone!

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I love to see the temple. I’m going there someday.

3 July 2010

One thing I really really love about Utah is the many beautiful temples all over the place.

My two lovely Hawaii roomies (Hayley and Ally) and I went and took pictures at the Jordan River Temple after having a lovely evening jamming to Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson.

Then Hayley girl and I went to the Timpanogos Temple one morn for baptisms. 

I got to go to Temple Square with Mama, Lindsay, and Heidi. So wish I could’ve spent all day there. And I got to see Sister Tamarra Kemsley there too!

And the Bozungs, Josh, Jordan, Stephen Wilkinson, and I went down to Manti to watch the Mormon Miracle Pageant. I loved all that so much! 

I got my mission call too! Which means temple soon for me!
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Blinded by the Light

2 July 2010

   After a long night of cleaning boats and then playing on the beach with Cody, I drove over to Holly and Jordin’s to take Cody home. Then when I left at 12:30, I just made a baby stop at the stop sign and most unfortunately there was a cop in the midst and I got pulled over for not stopping. Poo.
   The bright lights of the police cars were just blinding me in my rearview mirror.

   Officer asked me for license, insurance, and registration.
I gave him my license.
I had no insurance info with me, since insurance just kicked in at midnight.
And as for registration… it had expired 2.5 years ago. Bugger.

   Even a bigger bugger, and the biggest bugger of all, is that Mom and I put an extra unexpired registration sticker from a different car on my license plates last summer. Realized it wasn’t registered and didn’t want to pay $100 to register it for the month I had left to drive it, so for some reason we thought it’d be okay with a different sticker on it.
   Can I just tell you now, don’t put fake stickers on your plates. :) It’s pretty dumb and I don’t know what we were thinking, but I kind of forgot about it until today, but now it’s all I’m thinking about.
   So Officer was asking me about it and I played dumb for a minute, and realized that was bad bad bad. So I told him that yes, we put the sticker from the other car on there because I didn’t want to register it for that last month I’d be driving it. And before that, I don’t think I really realized it was unregistered because I don’t pay attention to things like that and nobody else cares much about that car. And I only drive it for like three months out of the year.

   I have to appear in court on the 20th of July. If I don’t go, there will be a warrant for my arrest basically. On the ticket thing he gave me it says misdemeanor for faulty use of registration/plates or something. Apparently I’m a criminal now. :) That’s kind of a problem I think. Another problem… there’ll be a fine. Another problem… I have to register the car now before I can drive it again, but they took my old registration info and both of my license plates for evidence or something. Weird.
   The life of a criminal is not the best, especially when you’re trying to prepare for a mission. :D

   Now for some good news. I didn’t get a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign. And… I just saved a bundle on car insurance by switching to geico.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2 July 2010

I am reunited with my Subaru!!
It has been resurrected and I am so happy!!!
I’ve been without her for so long and now I love her even more!
I can’t wait for all the happiness my sweet ride will bring me.
It might look like an ordinary rusty Alaska car on the outside, but step inside and it is so much much more.
My car is just the greatest place in the world and I could sit in there all day. Sometimes I do. :)

I rediscovered this magical quote in there too, along with many other fun finds.

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”   –Rumi

It’s grand being back in Homer with my family and with my car that I love so much, but I really miss my Jeru peeps that I got to play with all last week. I just have so much love and appreciation for those blessed souls I spent four glorious months in Jerusalem with. Love love love.

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I miss Lola.

2 July 2010

I miss Lola.
I miss Lola.
I miss Lola.

Could a girl ask for a better bike?
The answer is no.
I miss her spoke beads.
I miss her basket.
I miss miss miss ringing her bell.
I especially miss those multi colored candy stripes.
Oh there is no more beautiful bike on campus.
I miss all the time we spent together.
I miss all the places she took me.
I miss all the people she introduced me to.
I miss so many things.
Lola, I miss you!

I missed my little cruiser bike Lola even more when I rode Holly’s mountain bike this morning, and had to learn the hard way that you do not brake by back pedaling.