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August 2010

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Natalie’s first day of preschool

30 August 2010

I can’t believe this little darling is already in preschool. It seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital getting baby juice on my foot as she came into this world. :) Ahhh I love this little rascal.

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Bonjour Glacier Spit

24 August 2010
Since we’ve got a boat in the family now (gracias Jordin and Holly), the quality of our adventures has significantly increased. A couple days ago, the sun was shining and we decided to go hang out on Glacier Spit for the day.
Arctic Assault.
We played on the beach for a long time. Lovely. I played my uke of course.
We found a plethora of sand dollars! I’ve never seen them here in AK, but we found tons of them all over the beach.
So glad Mama was there. And Pops. But so wish Jakey could’ve been with us.
Holly girl found a giant pile of bear poop.
We found bear tracks too. Hmmmm.
Took a couple successful jumping pictures, and many unsuccessful.
I may or may not have spied on these two.
Dad sort of fell in the mud. Funny funny.
I tried to meditate. It’s nice.
We all hung out on the beach moooore too. That beach is heavenely.
Katy was loving it.
So was Natalie. Such a little twerpster she is. Love her.
I love these rockin’ sunny days with my fam.
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Guess who finally came to town…

23 August 2010
Here in Homer, Alaska land, we have been quite deprived of sunny days this summer. 
But the past few days have been quite lovely and sunshiney.
So the fam and I (and a few of my little friends) spent some time on the beach of course.
Here’s my dear brother Jakey Bob cruising on the beach on his bike.
He went back to school two days ago though.
Sad. Very sad. I miss him a lot and wish he was still here. We all do.
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head o’ the bay

20 August 2010
Thanks to Holly and Jordin’s fleet of four wheelers, we usually have many grand four wheeling adventures in the summers. I love these fun things we do.
A couple days ago the SUN finally came out and went out to the head of the bay.
Ahhh it was so much fun fun fun! And so beautiful.
There’s  a bunch of cows and horses out there too. Here’s a cutesy little baby cow.
Preparing for the jumping picture where I ripped the seam on my sweet pants.
picnic! Thank you self timer.
“Yzma, put your hands in the air!”
There’s a bunch of abandoned houses and things out there.
Meet Tanto. 
The Yamaha Breeze I was cruising around in all day. 
Notice my orange bibs I was wearing to prevent getting all muddy. Tanto spits up a lot of mud.
Brother poppin’ a wheelie.
I wish Jakey boy wasn’t leaving so soon.
Took this picture right after I tried to ride up this steep little hill and failed miserably. Ow. It hurt. But it was funny of course.
Such a beautiful day!
Cleaning the four wheelers off in the river river.
Twas an absolutely fun filled fantastic family four wheeler fleet day. 
Wish the whole fam could’ve been there.
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so many adventures in one post!

20 August 2010

Took the boat across bay to Humpy Creek. Put on the waders and went swimming with the hundreds of fishies, trying to catch them with my hands. Sat on the river banks and played with the girlies. Pretended there were tigers.

Walked down to Diamond Creek with the fam! The sun even came out for us.
Had some waaaaay big tides. I love big tides. Perfect for tide pooling.
I of course took Matilda Hilda Ukulele on our beach hike. I take her everywhere these days.
lovely little feather
a little smashed in the backseat with my darling nieces
Another low tide day we went to Bishop’s Beach and wandered around.
Goodness I love them.
Cousin It came to the beach with us too.
sea star!!
Natalie and Johnny Appleseed the dinosaur.
We love the beach so so much.
The next day I went camping on the beach. I loooove camping and tents and campfires and lots of things.
I love gnarly barnacles too.
And sweet beach adventures day after day.

Oh yes, and I have been doing much tie-dying lately. It’s fantastic!

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green submarine

20 August 2010

I’m addicted to this soup and sammy.

soup- tomato basil bisque.
sandwich- full of all sorts of vegetables

I’ve been going here to Maura’s a lot.
I don’t want to stop.
So yummy.

I love when these two ladies are with me too.
There’s lots of people I’d love to have this feast with.

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Did you just fart? Because you blew me away. (and other fantastic pick up lines)

19 August 2010
  • You must be in the wrong place; the Miss Universe contest is over there.
  • Was that an earthquake, or did you just rock my world?
  • Can I take a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?
  • I was just blinded by your beauty so I’m going to need your name and number for insurance reasons.
  • Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?
  • Hey I just realized you look a lot like my next girlfriend.
  • I hope you know cpr, because you’re taking my breath away.
  • If you were a new burger at McDonald’s you would be the McGorgeous.
  • I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart.
  • Life without you would be like a broken pencil… pointless.
  • I hope there’s a fireman around, because you’re smokin’!
  • You’re so sweet you’re giving me a toothache.
  • Giant polar bear. (What?) It’s an icebreaker. Hi my name is…
  • Hey… somebody farted. Let’s get out of here.
  • You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican be crazy!
  • Are those space pants? Because your bum is out of this world.
  • If you were a dementor, I’d become a criminal just to get your kiss.
  • Our parents engaged us when we were little; they must’ve forgotten to tell you.
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Mother dear

17 August 2010

Today is my dearest mother’s birthday.
I love birthdays. And I love my mother.
She’s pretty much one of the greatest people in the world.
People don’t get much better than her.
I am just so blessed and lucky that she’s my mother.
I get to be blessed by her glorious presence all the time.
My goodness I love her.
I’m going to miss her so much while I’m in Brazil.
Not looking forward to saying goodbye.
I love my mama and I hope all her birthday wishes come true.

[twas a lovely time we had at the beach the other day with the fam; it’s always lovely with my mother]

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13 August 2010

The ninth month of the Muslim year during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset everyday for the month.
Participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and sexual activities from sunrise to sunset.
The act of fasting is to redirect the heart away from worldly activities, to cleanse the inner soul. It teaches self discipline, self control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate, encouraging generosity and charity.
In addition to fasting, Muslims are encouraged to read the entire Qur’an.

[thank you to Wikipedia for this copy and pasted info]

Ramadan in Jerusalem. Day 1.

I like this video. It makes me miss it all so much.
I wish I were still there.
I love that place and all the good people you can find.

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Triplets. :)

12 August 2010
My dearest crazy twinny amigas are gone. It’s a bit less fun and exciting around here now without those two. But I’ve been keeping busy with jury duty and boat cleaning and beaching. Wish they were still here though! We had muchos fun whilest they were here. See…
The infamous and beautiful Homer, Alaska.
playing tourist on the Spit
getting chocolates from Wild Berry (1946)
eating lunch at Cosmic Kitchen, yummo
playing on the beach
visiting the harbor
taking many failed jumping pictures
cracking up
picnicking with sandwiches and soup from Maura’s. divine.
mini photo shoots :)
cruising around with Lucy (or Penelope) and jammin’
camping out! and playing Disney monopoly :)
watching the jammers jam and enjoying the live music at Two Sisters Bakery
ashamed to say it, but we did do a baby cone run, just for them
visiting Islands and Oceans. sweet exhibits.
lots of Matilda time. that’s my uke.
lovely fireweed 
nothing like homesteading! Norman Lowell’s art gallery is fantastic.
Farmer’s Market kettle corn~
scrubbing boats is funnnnnn
so is the harbor! 10 pm and light. I love AK.
enjoying the cooler weather of AK and not the heat of AZ
hunting for Sarah Palin. she’s somewhere around here.
of course we tie dyed too!
Much fun was had by all. Love it.
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Red and Blue

7 August 2010

Having muchos fun with my favorite twins here in Homer, AK.
Tried to teach them how to take heart pictures and jumping pictures.
It was semi successful. :) We’ll keep practicing.
We’re doing all sorts of fun things such as tie dye, camping, feasting, beaching, shopping, biking, and ukeing.

Been playing lots of ukulele lately.
Found lots of sweet music to play from here.
Love it love it love Matilda.

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deckhand :)

5 August 2010

With Jake and Lisa.
On the Ultimate.
With 25 clients. Wow that is a lot.
12 hours of solid deckhand work.
Baiting hooks.
Pulling in fish.
Untangling lines.
Releasing sharkies.
Learning names.
Talking it up.
I liked it all a lot.
I want to do it more more.
Twas a wonderful day at sea.

However then I had 7 boats to clean.
So I ended up having an 18 hour work day.
Wow. That is really a lot.
I was tired girl. But now I have more monies. :)

And not only that, but my favorite twins got here last night too!
Such fun we are having.
And you best believe I’ve been playing John Lennon’s Imagine on my ukulele all day.

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Girls Camp is always a blastorama.

2 August 2010
Fun, spiritual, bonding times are always had.
This year I went as a leader. Weird. But oh so good.
Peterson Bay was our destination.
We stayed three days. In yurts, which I love.
Here’s what we did…

lots of nature walking
jammin’ (should of brought Matilda!)



awkward bonding

blueberry picking
loving and enjoying
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blizzardy ocean swim

2 August 2010

Janey and I a couple years ago on an Alaskan adventure.
I do certainly love my ocean swims and salt water,
though I usually prefer them in non blizzard weather.

By the way, can you believe it’s August already?
I’m leaving for Vitoria, Brazil in two months!