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head o’ the bay

20 August 2010
Thanks to Holly and Jordin’s fleet of four wheelers, we usually have many grand four wheeling adventures in the summers. I love these fun things we do.
A couple days ago the SUN finally came out and went out to the head of the bay.
Ahhh it was so much fun fun fun! And so beautiful.
There’s  a bunch of cows and horses out there too. Here’s a cutesy little baby cow.
Preparing for the jumping picture where I ripped the seam on my sweet pants.
picnic! Thank you self timer.
“Yzma, put your hands in the air!”
There’s a bunch of abandoned houses and things out there.
Meet Tanto. 
The Yamaha Breeze I was cruising around in all day. 
Notice my orange bibs I was wearing to prevent getting all muddy. Tanto spits up a lot of mud.
Brother poppin’ a wheelie.
I wish Jakey boy wasn’t leaving so soon.
Took this picture right after I tried to ride up this steep little hill and failed miserably. Ow. It hurt. But it was funny of course.
Such a beautiful day!
Cleaning the four wheelers off in the river river.
Twas an absolutely fun filled fantastic family four wheeler fleet day. 
Wish the whole fam could’ve been there.

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  • Reply Stacy 20 August 2010 at 18:43

    Wish I could have been there… sad day. :(
    Boo work.

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