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Triplets. :)

12 August 2010
My dearest crazy twinny amigas are gone. It’s a bit less fun and exciting around here now without those two. But I’ve been keeping busy with jury duty and boat cleaning and beaching. Wish they were still here though! We had muchos fun whilest they were here. See…
The infamous and beautiful Homer, Alaska.
playing tourist on the Spit
getting chocolates from Wild Berry (1946)
eating lunch at Cosmic Kitchen, yummo
playing on the beach
visiting the harbor
taking many failed jumping pictures
cracking up
picnicking with sandwiches and soup from Maura’s. divine.
mini photo shoots :)
cruising around with Lucy (or Penelope) and jammin’
camping out! and playing Disney monopoly :)
watching the jammers jam and enjoying the live music at Two Sisters Bakery
ashamed to say it, but we did do a baby cone run, just for them
visiting Islands and Oceans. sweet exhibits.
lots of Matilda time. that’s my uke.
lovely fireweed 
nothing like homesteading! Norman Lowell’s art gallery is fantastic.
Farmer’s Market kettle corn~
scrubbing boats is funnnnnn
so is the harbor! 10 pm and light. I love AK.
enjoying the cooler weather of AK and not the heat of AZ
hunting for Sarah Palin. she’s somewhere around here.
of course we tie dyed too!
Much fun was had by all. Love it.


  • Reply 7upkels 12 August 2010 at 00:36

    chels! i dont know if you remember me…but…we went to BYUH together for a semester!! and i remember your cousins, they were in my ward!! haha small world! i’m so glad i found your blog! and you’re serving a mission soon?! that is so amazing! when do you leave?!

    ps. sara (reed/volpe) is always trying to get me to go to alaska, and these pictures definitely make me want to!

  • Reply Carly 12 August 2010 at 13:23

    that picture of you playing the uke in your leggings and singing is the most defining picture of you i’ve ever seen. i miss you!

  • Reply Tingler 13 August 2010 at 04:07

    I so wanna be there chelsea…..

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