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September 2010

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28 September 2010

Best news of the day: my computer and I have reunited after a long week of her getting a makeover. I’m so happy! And she looks and works so beautifully now!

I ate a bueno bar yesterday. Yummy yumkins! Took me back to the Shekel Shaq days in Jerusalem.

Made some quinoa today for my farewell party tonight. It’s at my sista Holly girl’s house if you want to come. 6 pm.
I leaving October 4th or 5th. So soon.

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27 September 2010
Every time I drive past this magical tire swing I want to take pictures there. 
My dear sister Stacy made that little dream come true for me. 
My home girls (aka sisters, nieces, mother dear) and I went and had a fall photo shoot there.
It was joyous.
Such a splendid time we had.
Good times were had by all.
There is this fantastic tree.
There are lots of fantastic trees.
And Holly girl was jumping off trees.
I love trees. Especially with Cody Love.
Mumsy and the girls walked in the trees.
We all love trees.
We love leaves too.
The darling little girls especially love leaves.
And I love my Mama. I’m not looking forward to leaving yet.
Leaving will be the hardest ever.
But there’s lots of leaves.
And there’s lots of trees.
And there’s always the tire swing.
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spontaneous trip back to Anchor Town

25 September 2010

We had to stop on the drive up for a mini photo/ukulele session.

We stayed at a hotel and the little girlies loveddd the pool.

We bought lots of things. And by we, I mean I. I bought lots of things, but all things that I’ll need whilest being on a mission in Brazil for a year and a half.

We had a yummy yumkins smoothie and such.

We partied it up at Costcoland.

We read books and hid from alligators.

We played a lot of Lemur.

And then we drove home. Ahhhh home. Sweet home.

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Pirates arrrrrrgh cool.

25 September 2010

And this darling niece of mine is the coolest of all pirates.
I love dressing her up just for kicks.
And I love playing lemur with her.
I’m sad I will be missing the next 18 months of her life.
She’s gonna be so big when I get back from Vitoria, Brazil in April 2012.
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25 September 2010

I caught my
first king salmon
the other day.
Yippee skippee!
I wish I liked
to eat it. But
I’m sure after
my mission 

I’ll be ecstatic
to eat good ol’
fresh Alaskan
king salmon.
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22 September 2010

=Pollock can grow up to 1.07 m and weigh 21 kg.

=Pollock can be found in water over 100 fathoms.

=The Alaskan pollock fishery in the the Bering Sea is the largest single species food fish fishery in the world.

=Imitation crab is usually made out of minced pollock.

=Sometimes I find pollock in the fish boxes when I clean boats.

=Pollock is what we caught when I went out with the Keintz fam. :)

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another sweet family partay

21 September 2010

17 September 2010
Happy 5 year anniversary Dad and Lee!
Wishing you more time and happiness together.

and also…. happy belated birthday to Dad!

We all got together at Holly and Jordin’s house (party central) and had a feast.

And Lee did a funny trick with Dad.

And Pops opened his sweet presents! A nice D.A.D. picture of us kiddos.
And since we decided to get most of Dad’s presents from Salvation Army this year, he had a bunch of funny random presents too, of course wrapped in newspaper. Classic Dad. :)

One of his best presents, aside from the tie dye shirt I made, was these wicked glasses I found.
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sharpies + chicken eggs = Stacy’s best idea ever

20 September 2010
“Come outside, Chels. I have something to show you.”
Stacy whips two sharpies out of her pockets.
“Let’s go draw on the chicken eggs!”
We run back to Holly and Jordin’s chickens house and see four beautiful chicken eggs.
Later we fetch Natalie and Katy to go check the eggs.
Natalie says, “Heeeeeey, someone colored on the eggs.”

Natalie girl pulls out the little eggies and Stacy and I snicker snicker.
Then Natalie proceeds to play with them for a while, 
until Mama informs her that we don’t play with chicken eggs.
So she plays with the neighbor girly instead.
And Katy waters plants in the greenhouse.
Another day of sunshine with my sistas and my nieces.
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The Best September 18th Ever

19 September 2010

Woke up at 4 am to road trip to Anchorage.
Went to the temple with my parents. Wow.
Got to see the wonderful Wilsons.
Shopped for goods in the big city.
Jammed to sweet tunes the whole way home.
Chatted and chortled with the fam bam.
So wish Jakey Bob would’ve been there too.
Realized that I am leaving in two weeks.
Wondering how I will say goodbye.

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Giant Alaskan Spider vs Mini Alaskan Polar Bear

15 September 2010

I’m sickie. It’s boring and not fun.
I’m just laying around, sleeping and staring.

Thought I’d share this little picture I took on Sunday.
Didn’t know we had such creepy spidies in AK.
Hopefully I encounter no spidies in Brazil. Not likely.

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um bom dia!

14 September 2010

Sunday was beautiful and sunny!
Gave my farewell talk on stewardship.
I’d say it went swimmingly.

And I love love love Homer ward.

Enjoyed a smoothie party on the porch in my new dress.
Ukulele and harmonica jams were of course present.
Took pictures of a big spider and my new polar bear.

Had the best talk with my old neighbor lady.
A conversation full of loving, warm, fuzzy feelingsw.

Only cleaned one bauteau.
Beach jaunt with ukulele and Cody love.
Pictionary and sticky popcorn fiesta with favorite peeps.

That is one very good day.

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Summer Daze

11 September 2010
I love summertime in Homer, Alaska.
This is what my lovely summer has consisted of. 
oodles of beach excursions

evening beach jaunts after boat cleaning
expeditions with Cody boy, my new best friend
lots of adventures with my darling nieces

xtratuf wearing all summa long

fun loving times with fun loving peeps

playing my ukulele all day everyday

I love jammin’ with Matilda.

lots of time spent with Penelope as well

Wowie Zowie I love this car.

many boat voyages too

some fish cleaning, but mostly boat cleaning

fish catching with my favorite crew

one very very big hailbut

more fishing

spectacular kayaking trips

four wheeling wanderings with the fam bam

a few sweet bonfires

fun art projects with nieces

a plethora of tie dye

berry picking

delectable soup and sammy feasts at Maura’s

chillin at Keintz manor with the chickens

finding flowers and making cookies

And the best part of summer is that I spend all my time with all these peeps, ma famille.

I get to play with them all day, venturing around the Homer/Kachemak Bay area, and then I go to work and scrub sweet fishing boats all evening, making sweet monies, and listening to the grand podcasts and learning so much.
I spend muchos time at the beach, I wear tie dye everyday, and I take my ukulele with me everywhere.
I love summer. Not ready for it to end.
Mission in Brazil is coming soon!

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Cinderella says

10 September 2010

A dream is a wish your heart makes. 

The sunset was so absolutely beautiful last night, especially with my new camera!
P.S. Happy Birthday Janey! :)