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Summer Daze

11 September 2010
I love summertime in Homer, Alaska.
This is what my lovely summer has consisted of. 
oodles of beach excursions

evening beach jaunts after boat cleaning
expeditions with Cody boy, my new best friend
lots of adventures with my darling nieces

xtratuf wearing all summa long

fun loving times with fun loving peeps

playing my ukulele all day everyday

I love jammin’ with Matilda.

lots of time spent with Penelope as well

Wowie Zowie I love this car.

many boat voyages too

some fish cleaning, but mostly boat cleaning

fish catching with my favorite crew

one very very big hailbut

more fishing

spectacular kayaking trips

four wheeling wanderings with the fam bam

a few sweet bonfires

fun art projects with nieces

a plethora of tie dye

berry picking

delectable soup and sammy feasts at Maura’s

chillin at Keintz manor with the chickens

finding flowers and making cookies

And the best part of summer is that I spend all my time with all these peeps, ma famille.

I get to play with them all day, venturing around the Homer/Kachemak Bay area, and then I go to work and scrub sweet fishing boats all evening, making sweet monies, and listening to the grand podcasts and learning so much.
I spend muchos time at the beach, I wear tie dye everyday, and I take my ukulele with me everywhere.
I love summer. Not ready for it to end.
Mission in Brazil is coming soon!


  • Reply Stacy 12 September 2010 at 00:10

    you’re new best friend Cody??? I’ve been replaced???
    Sad day.

  • Reply Steve and Jess 21 September 2010 at 05:50

    You are absolutely lovely

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