Brazil, Lower 48

Sister Owens Week 3

24 October 2010

Ola! Things are still fantastico here at the missionary training center in Provo. I’m learning lots and lots about the gospel and about Portugues all day every day!
   I can’t tell you how much I love my district. Ahhh we have so much fun and such good spiritual experiences too of course. Those elders, as well as minha companheira are wonderful and I am learning muitos from them all. We’re in class together all the time and studying and teaching each other. Tis lovely.
   The transition to a missionary life is pretty great. I looooove getting up early (6-6:30) and exercising right away. Sister Lund and I usually just go outside by the Provo temple and missionary field, and run in the lovely crisp morning air, watching the stars fade away. I am not able to spend enough time outside at all, so it’s great to start the mornings that way.
   And I saw the Bozungs and Heather Wilson one morning, both who I went to Jerusalem with. I’ve been seeing so many people I know. Fun fun!
   Once a week we do service for an hour or so, which just means that we do some sort of assigned cleaning. The MTC is cleaned mostly by the 2500 or so missionaries that live here. Sister Lund and I were vacuuming chapels this week, with back pack vacuums, those ghost buster ones. So that was pretty excellent, and who doesn’t love a Ghost Buster vacuum? Aaaand the whole time I was vacuuming I was singing all the songs I play on my ukulele, so it was lovely. I really miss Matilda Hilda Ukulele. I dreamt about her the other night and so wish I could play her while singing and walking on the beach with Cody and throwing him sticks to fetch in the ocean.
   Speaking of dreams… funnnnnny story. So as you know, I’ve been praying in Portuguese since day 2 here. Like most people, I usually just pray while I’m awake, but a couple days ago I was praying in my sleep! Not sure what I was dreaming about, but I was full on praying in Portuguese, completely audibly. It was like 4 am and I woke up 4 of the 5 sisters in my room by praying in Portuguese out loud and clear. Funnnnnnny bunny!
   Hmmmm I wonder if that makes me fluent? Nope. It does not. There is soooo much to learn but I looooove it. I love Portugues and can’t wait to be fluent!
   We practice a lot of door contacts and get to know you things in Portuguese, and we have specific times of the day where we don’t speak English. Tis grand.
   I’m of course learning lots about missionary work too. We have speakers and meetings and workshops and such teaching us about how to teach people. This week they talked about finding the elect, those who have been prepared by God to hear the gospel. My testimony of Jesus Chirst is growing so much too, as I’m understanding more of how much he loves each one of us and wants us to be happy. I am so grateful for the restored gospel and profetas and Joseph Smith.
   Another highlight of the week was that I got to see my aunty Connie again! I look forward to it so much! It’s so nice to get that little bit of family in. And she brings me and Sister Lund treats too, which is fantastic of course! I love it.
   There’s been so much good this week. First of all, Susan W. Tanner, the general young women’s president, was the speaker for Relief Society on Sunday! Yep, that’s right. She helped me realize even more how wonderful and inspired RS is.
   And then on Tuesday for devotional, one word: NELSON, as in Russell M. Nelson. Yes yes, an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ came to the MTC and spoke spefically to us missionaries. Excellent. The spirit was so so strong as he walked into the room. You just know he is a man of God.
   We also had a wonderful fireside and my favorite thing from it was that I learned the secret to happiness: “It’s not about you.” Devote your life to serving others and focusing outward, and you will be happy. What a true principle. Because now, as I’m dedicating my life to serving the Lord and soon the people of Brazil, I am so so happy every day. It’s wonderful.
   Yesterday was P day and I went and did sealings at the temple. So good. I love the temple and the lovely smelling roses outside of it. And I wish I were going to be in Hawaii for the Laie temple dedication soon! But I really only want to be here right now too.
   I got some very very maraveillosa letters this week! Thank you so so much to each of you who sent them. Many were such a completely delightful surprise and made me even happier! Obrigada!!
   Well everyone, thanks for reading about my missionary journey. Can’t wait to get to Brazil soonish! As soon as I get a visa! Not many missionaries are getting visas right now though, so who knows when I’ll get there. I finish here in Utah on December 7th and then if I don’t have my visa by then, then temporarily transfer me to somewhere in the states. So none of us really know what’s going on, but I know I’ll be just where the Lord needs me! :D
   Have a most delightful week!

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